Send In The Clowns: ‘Studies’ Say Measles Bad, Vaccines Good.



Hello dear friends. I’m back to business after a day of working on a fun Halloween post that ended up being a bit of a nightmare to complete. Personal life responsibilities taking up a lot of my time yesterday, but whatever, It’s not a big deal. Moving on.

This article immediately caught my eye as I was getting ready to head to work. Measles! Oh are we still pushing that fear porn? Yes, and it continues to get more ridiculous. There’s absolutely nothing to this story, it’s just another piece of garbage propaganda to push vaccines (as always!). With that said, let’s get into it.

Okay, bring out the ‘science’ clowns



Oh, dear not red spots. Are we talking wild virus infection, or is it the one spread by the measles vaccine itself?






“Studies suggest” “could face lingering effects” studies can suggest anything they want it to, depending on how they conduct the study, and what lingering effects exactly? How ambiguous.

Well how did those 5 children ‘manage’ to avoid infection? Why didn’t they look into that? Did those 5 children have a sufficient amount of vitamin A and c to help prevent a measles Infection, or did they already have lifetime immunity to measles?

Will they look into that? No, because anything they might find there will work against the conclusion they are trying to reach.


Well part of the immune response is the production of high amounts of white blood cells. These would be new cells correct? This is how doctors are able to detect an infection, by looking at the white blood cell count of a patient. White blood cells come and die, and new cells are produced with the recent virus imprinted in its memory. That’s how we have lifetime immunity from wild caught viruses (not with vaccines).

“It is unclear how effective these new cells are at fighting off infections they have never seen before”

Well I would imagine about as effective as it always is against an unknown virus, you putts! Like really! How stupid is this?

How effective will they be at fighting off an measles infection? 100%


Wow 11-73% of their antibody diversity (DIVERSITY PEOPLE!), How consistent.

“They had lost SOME of their immune memory”

Okay, so will they catch the measles again or whatever else they have had previous contracted (given it was wild caught). If the memory is lost we should see re-infection of these lasviruses right?

Oh, they regained some of their antibodies quickly. Okay so they will still have lifetime immunity then?

“The researchers say their studies show how crucial it is to be vaccinated for the measles as a child because the vaccine gives the body a ton of antibodies against the measles, without harming the antibodies used to protect the body against other illnesses.”

Oh, well of course! That’s the takeaway here. Vaccines are crucial and will do no harm whatsoever to your little child’s immune system. In fact. it fills them with healthy happy little antibodies.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t vaccines designed to trigger an immunal response in the body, tricking it to produce antibodies?

Vaccines not full of antibodies. They are full of adjuvants and other nasty ingredients, such as gmos, human fetal cells, bovine fetal serum etc etc.


Worldwide deaths in countries deficient in vitamin A.



How many have died from measles outbreaks here in the west? None in 2019? How many here died from measles in oh... let’s say in the last 15 years?

2 Confirmed measles deaths in the U.S. in the last 15 years

That’s it for today. I just wanted to point out the nonsense they spread (like fecal matter over the crops) to the unquestioning public. Thanks for stopping by and until next time

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Its a bloody good job that we had vaccines against measles for the last 30,000 years, if you ask me.

250 Measles cases, medical emergency! Over 32,000 children damaged by vaccines each year, extremely rare.

DUDE! You might like my rant from two days ago. THEY MADE VAXXED MOVIE #2!!! I met Del Bigtree in Portland at the premier Q and A of Vaxxed the first movie 3 and a half years ago.


Thanks, I’ll check it out in a little bit.

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great post bud
i look at it if you pick any topic you can usually point out its corrupted if there are regulations and control involved
shame really what they do to us since we are trained by them in their indoctrination(schools) systems
have a great day bud


Yup, it all starts with the schools.

Thanks, you too 🍻

WOW! and to think,, I only believed they put in Mercury and Aluminum to make it dangerous??? @venomnymous, thanks for this! Mitch, out

So often the cure is much worse than the disease. Why do we do this to ourselves? Because the medical "authority" demands it? The priests in the white labcoat?

If a parent fed the ingredients of a vaccine to their child, they'd get investigated for abuse. If they REFUSE to inject these same ingredients into the bloodstream their children, in some places they'd get investigated for neglect. So messed up.

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Well said, We live in a bizzaro world indeed.

No vaccines for me.

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