Please Don't Kill Your Son

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I'm always hesitant to publish this video with others because watching my son in this situation breaks my heart a lot.
But I have to do this so that everyone knows the risk of vaccines to children and that this poison can destroy your child's life.
When you let them vaccinate your son, you didn't protect your son from diseases, You will be a part of a real tragedy that can happen to your son...


We've all heard about the risk of vaccination, but most of us have vaccinated their children because we trust our governments, the media, and medicinal companies too much, or because we are idiots,
We thought that who claim that vaccines are dangerous is a person affected by conspiracy theory or are an insane person.

We were ignoring all the voices that call on us to protect our children from vaccination, and we were listening to our governments and doctors. because their scientific research proves that the vaccine saved many children, but they did not tell us that the vaccine destroys the dreams of many families and made their lives hell as it happened with me.

They didn't tell us that most of the diseases disappeared because of the cleanliness of the water and the food.
They didn't tell us that many children were paralyzed or autistic due to vaccination.
They didn't tell us that vaccination is a very lucrative business to collect billions of dollars and kill thousands of children around the world
They just tell us that the vaccination was compulsory as if they were more afraid of our children than we are.

I confess that I was stupid and believed their lies...
But now I don't have time to regret...
Now everyone must know that Mosaab's life was shattered by the stupidity and ignorance of his father.

Please don't be a stupid parent like me.
Before you let them vaccinate your son. Search and Read then Decide

moussab vilo .png.png

😟Note: My son suffers from an ADEM (acute disseminated encephalomyelitis) disease due vaccine.
vaccine that was supposed to protect him from diseases, killed his dreams and ruined everything beautiful inside him. 😟

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You probably know much better than me what encephalitis does to a child however, seeing you favorising having him having similar symptoms or worse due to a polio or measles infection makes me more sad than all the information you provide on his medical condition.

I'm not telling you you are being tricked not by doctors but by lovers of fake news because I'm paid or somehting but because I'm autistic myself (all my life!). There's no proof for vaccination caused autism. But there's plenty of proof that diseases travel. Just along the routes humans and goods do.

I'm also trained as an EMT. I don't know about your hometown hospital but I'm painfully aware of the workload nurses and doctors have in general in Germany. It's actually no surprise to see patients getting wrong treatments or diagnoses now and then - at the current state it's a surprise those things do not happen more often.

Vaccines destroy people's lifes? I invite you to do some research on rabies survivors.


Thank you for your comment and I respect your opinion....
I also thought the vaccination was very useful for humanity..
But the truth is that vaccination has been beneficial to humanity, but now it is being used as a weapon against humanity...
I wrote an article talking about the real cause of the disappearance of diseases.

I am a physicist like you... I believe in proof and experience and I do not believe everything that is said in the Internet.... When I found out that my son's disease was caused by the vaccine. I searched first and then asked the Doctor who confirmed to me that the disease because of the preservatives for the vaccine... I have no doubt left.

I live in Algeria and you know that Algeria is a very underdeveloped country in the field of health... In my village there are many children with autism, the strange thing that all these children were born in 2011-2012.... and there is a press article in 2015 that talks about the cause of the vaccine in the emergence of autism in these children... We cannot consider this article to be fake news because I have proof that it is true...

Now I don't have any hope of healing my son.
But I'm trying to prevent this from happening with another family. At least I can make people read about the vaccine before using it and decide whether to use it or not.

I hope my message has reached your heart.... Thank you @isarmoewe

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Total copy pasta, @steemcleaners and while unfortunate (if caught early enough) treatment of ADEM, post vaccination (almost an non measurable rate of occurrence) has proven effective.