"My ticket to the 2018 VALENTINE'S DAY PHOTO CONTEST by @flamingirl"

2년 전


Love is the only thing that grows when it is distributed, this phrase was written by the author of El principito and will probably be one of the phrases that is said today February 14 to celebrate Valentine's Day. For My entry to the 2018 VALENTINE'S DAY PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST by @flamingirl. I chose this photograph because I consider it a wonderful emblem for Valentine's Day, this photo is very special for me since I took it a few years ago in my parents' house in a small celebration when my parents were celebrating 50 years of marriage , they seemed to be in love with each other because these 50 years together has not diminished their love on the contrary it has united them more, every day I feel very proud to be the daughter of this wonderful couple the masters, this photo for me is priceless.
In the photos below I attest that the photos are my belongings and in which I leave in two of them (I am the one in the red blouse).



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