The Heart of a Sibling: My Sister Buddy


When I first met her, we didn't immediately get close as friends. This was because our classrooms were far from each other, and even though we see each other during lunchtime, I sit somewhere else and not near her. Yes, we did talk, but not as much as I wanted it to be. Our friendly bond strengthened as the academic year wound down, and honestly, we felt that we were both inseparable, even if we mostly talk on Messenger. To this day, I have not seen her since June 2018, and I'm really looking forward to seeing her again one of these days. I really miss her so much.

Allow me now to bare my heart and tell you how we became more than just friends.

One night, I was scrolling down my Twitter feed. I was tweeting here and there, talking about the latest topics in the world of politics and journalism (because those are my two favorite subjects). Now, I happened to stumble upon her Tweet. It said, "I need a buddy". On that night too, I had no one to talk to, because my parents were already asleep. I then sent her a Direct Message saying, "Hi buddy!". That's where the names "kuya buddy" and "sister buddy" originated from. (Kuya is a Filipino term for an elder brother)

Ever since that night, we never stopped talking to each other. Be it on Messenger or any other platform. It was just like I was talking directly in front of her and enjoying every minute of it. I felt as if someone was really there to listen to what I had to say. Yes, I do have my parents but hey, we're teenagers, Filipino teenagers in fact. Beginning to spread out our wings beyond the 4 corners of our home.

When I heard that she was not to stay in our school anymore, I was shattered. I really wanted to get even closer to her in person, yet my chances were severely limited because of that. I didn't feel anything else that time other than extreme sadness and regret. Darn, I should've taken the chance earlier in the academic year.

But, look at where we are right now. Sending each other these "cheer up" messages whenever we feel quite down.

And yes, please excuse us for the way we type. It's Filipino text-speak! Ha ha!

She is that kind of person that will never ever leave your side, no matter what circumstances there are. If you become very great friends with her, I assure you, you'll never ever regret knowing her. She is the loving and caring type of sister. We may not be siblings of the same family, but we treat each other as if we're related. As we say, we're siblings in Christ.

Let me introduce her to you now. She is Bea Katrina Cabanela, and she is my sister buddy.
If you still don't know me, I'm Jose Barbasa, and I'm her kuya buddy.

Happy Valentine's Day! May your hearts and lives be as colourful as the rainbows in the sky, and may God bless you all! Xx

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