Announcing The Vapor Discord Server

3년 전

After reaching out to the various steemit communities to find Vapor beta testers, I've met tons of great people who love what we're doing and are offering to help in so many different ways! Thank you for all the support! We can't wait to release the app to the broader Steemit community!

One of our beta testers in particular is @angelveselinov who has created a Discord Server for the Vapor community and offered to lead the Vapor community. We're also looking for a curation team to curate the best posts with the #vapor tag.

Because we want this app to be community driven, we are always looking for suggestions to improve every aspect of Vapor. We've already received so many, and these include not only the app itself, but also the community, so if you have something you'd like changed in the Discord Server or in Vapor itself, feel free to chime in on the #suggestions channel!

Finally, this discord server was created to start a solid community foundation behind Vapor. We want this cross platform mobile app to be as intuitive and easy to use as possible, but we can't do that without your input. We invite everyone to join the discord server and use our post-promotion channel to get your #vapor posts upvoted by the Vapor community!

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It has been a while, so Hello

I'm glad to see you are doing well and actually part of a team trying to improve life on steemit. Well done and all my best wishes. I'm certain your app and Community will be a success.

Stay in touch now and then...


Feel free to download the app here and try it out! love to hear your thoughts!


Waitng for your reply to my last comment


Thanks for information bro @five34a4b

Where can we download the Vapor app? I wouldn't mind getting in on the beta test if it's still going on.


Sorry I missed this. We're actually about to release to the various app stores, so I'll have a link to that very soon.

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