The queue war is a conflict that takes generations to face soda against soda a fight of years competing to have the best taste and fidelity of the thirsty insatiable consumers, the global marketing battle has cost thousands of millions of dollars while they occur enough plastic bottles to drown in an ocean of dolphins, after supplying customers with an army of dentists and other health professionals to mitigate the long-term effects of this delicious drink, after spending countless nights awake thanks to everything sugar, caffeine and other delicious chemical additives, there is something we can not ignore because in every fight there are champion heroes selected to carry the banner of the brand that are destined to embody the spirit of the coca cola company has the fat barbón santa Claus but Pepsi has the one and only pepsiman and today you will know his history without further s wait i'm max and this is neonflux.

Pepsi the second most popular sewage carbonated drink on the planet but for many decades but for a long time the namesake coca cola brand has taken the lead, such was the case that in Japan in the 1990s Pepsi was looking to conquer an oriental market dominated by Coca Cola but I need a new way of dealing with the client that will become a lifelong devotee consumer.

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The marketing strategies that were working in the West were not specifically translating in Asia and that was when Pepsi requested the help of the ad creator
Takuya Onuki to develop a new character to help communicate the message that Pepsi wanted consumers to identify with the guy

The brand characters were nothing new at the time, there are all kinds of brand characters like Ronald the damn clown McDonald who are usually to attract a younger demographic like the various pets appearing on cereal tops. .. What I mean is that technically the point of the characters of a brand is to try to sell a story the Zucaritas tiger, the annoying trivago boy, the pringles mustache. Heck at this point, even I am a brand

The result of Pepsi's efforts was Pepsiman, a silver surfer-like hero dressed in an aluminum trajectory with the iconography of a Pepsi can and a silver mop necklace, his face had no features except when
There would be a small mouth a little disturbing, it must be said with the one that consumes the sugary drink as if there were no tomorrow, I will just let them see it in all its splendor


It is possible that Pepsiman was inspired by the popular animated series of The Simpsons that in 1992 created Duffman the face of the then fictional brand of Duff beers, it is also possible that Budman inspired the superhero that inspired Duffman's creation of inspiration in This type of ultra cool characters is even stronger when we consider the fact that Pepsi had already used a character that hit a lot in Mexico starring Paul Rodriguez who plays the Pepsi man as a champion in 1993 this Latin American hero had 12

Beautiful commercials with live action scenarios with actors and a lot of CGI I don't tell them anymore I will just let them appreciate this jewel.

Very good now if we go to Pepsiman courtesy of Industrial Light & Magic, each commercial told a self-contained story with four parts,

Part 1, a person or group of people appears who are thirsty and need soda

Part 2 Pepsiman heroically arrives with his catchy musical theme at full volume delivering that drink

Part 3 while consumers enjoy their drink Pepsiman suffers comic wounds in a rather eschatological way

Part 4 the scene is cut to show us a can of Pepsi that now carries the same type of injury suffered by pepsiman. It is a fascinating experiment in marketing

Pepsi is actually a product made to attract the attention of the American market only and after it was imported to Japan the brand was redesigned to be hyper directed to a Japanese demography that was increasingly obsessed with everything related to American pop culture it is the perfect fusion of the west and east all thanks to the extreme characters to the slapstick comedy and the
Power of consumption


The 90s were a very strange time where very crazy things usually used to happen in 1998 as part of the marketing launch Pepsi Bandai planned to produce a series of action figures that further emphasized the character's superhero narrative and general appeal within demographic objective and resulting in one of the strangest action figures ever made of Bandai the amazing Pepsiman presenting his iconic small metal chain Pepsi cans with interchangeable heads and hands in particular called my attention a limited edition piece that was molded into Light caramel plastic to look like Pepsi, with time Pepsiman not only stayed on the screen of our TVs but also became an icon of pop culture and if something is popular then most likely take a video game of it. So In 1996, Sega released the Fighting Vipers version of a fighting game. Where, Pepsiman was included as a special character, with their respective specialty among which are listed the ability to "quench your opponent's thirst".


Unfortunately, while the game itself was created for the United States and Europe, all Pepsi logos were removed from the original game and the Pepsiman character was not included. The other sequels of this game were not created with the Pepsi license. Turning the original version of this game into one of the most coveted titles

But finally in 1999, a play 1 game called Pepsiman was created, where the player goes through various areas, avoiding the dangers and collecting cans of Pepsi while trying to reach a thirsty person.

The video game is mostly an adaptation of what had been seen before in television advertising. By default, the game begins with a suit (Blue), but, once you have passed the game, Pepsiman has the ability to unlock a low-calorie suit by collecting all the cans of Pepsi at all levels. Finally, it is possible to acquire a transparent suit by passing all levels in short periods of time.

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