How I became a vegan

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How I became a vegan


It all started 5-6 years ago. One of my close person fell ill (I will not specify who, because I did not ask for consent to the story about it). Doctors could not help cure the disease completely and offered to do the operation. After studying a lot of information. It turned out that the way we eat very much affects our health (I mean whether we eat meat or other animal products). As a result, this man gave up animal food and became a vegan. Initially, I was skeptical about this. I went in for sports and the traditional sports diet necessarily included meat. But over time, I saw how this man's health improves after switching to vegan food. And I decided to try it on myself.

After a while I noticed how much better I began to feel. It was a feeling of lightness. Many said that when playing sports, you must eat meat. BUT NO! After switching to vegetarianism, and later on veganism, it wasn't harder to train and the results did not become worse! Just need to properly make up your diet. Several times we tried a medical starvation. The results have surpassed all expectations (if there are questions about this ask in the comments).

Despite my example, people with whom I train together continue to be skeptical about vegetarianism and felt that this is not right. Over time, some of them began to notice how they affect their state of health as to what and how much they eat. Many people noticed that if they do not eat meat for a while, they begin to feel better, but still continue to eat it later.

I did not want to persuade anybody. I believe that everyone should make a similar choice consciously. As a result, I have been vegan for more than 4 years. When I first started, I basically thought about how it would affect my health. Over time, I began to think about animals, how they are kept and eventually killed. I do not like it. But it will take a long time for the consciousness of people to change. That people understand that you can live without meat, that you do not need to wear fur or clothes made of leather.

And the most important thing! The state of health of my close person has improved.

P.S.: My story turned out to be very tight, otherwise the post would be very long) I think later there will be posts on veganism or raw food.

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I loved to hear your story! I've also noticed that people in the sports world are very skeptical about veganism, even about vegetarianism. Those misconceptions about a vegan diet are hard to kill. However, seeing other people going vegan/vegetarian and not losing all the muscles and skills, and even making more progress quickly can help people see and understand that veganism isn't a bad thing. It's oftentimes the opposite! You're a great example of that! :)

I'd love to see some posts about veganism from you, and I'm really glad that this person close to you is feeling better! :)


Thank you! :)
It is difficult to destroy the stereotype that protein can be obtained not only from meat) When people find out that I vegan most often they first ask: Where do you get the protein?)

Sometimes it's funny to talk about this because I know in advance what questions they will ask me and in what order)) The funniest people often answer their questions themselves. They just have a reason to think about it))


I hear that question really often too! But I'm ok with answering all the questions, it's all about making people think about it! :)


Yes, that is right! :)

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