I have been vegan for 8 years! For the animals, the planet and my health! / ¡Tengo 8 años de Vegana por los animales, el planeta y mi salud!

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Hello Steemians, I want to share a little bit more about my self with this video, by letting you know that I have been vegan for 8 years, and the reason is to be healthy, for the animals and the planet. I like to eat fruits, vegetables, legumes, seeds, plants, mushrooms to be strong and healthy. I also studied Trophology the science of nutrition wich teaches you how to combine correctly what you eat, so that you get all the nutrients and have a good digestion. I studied it because I wanted to know how to eat and have nutrients from nature as a vegan, and also to help others and inspire them to eat more healthy food.

I hope you like the video and the recipe of the banana smoothie at the end, it is very simple, you only need two bananas that look dark, this means they are sweet and you will have a nutritious smoothie if you blend them with water. It is perfect to start the morning with a lot of energy!

Hola Steemians, quiero compartir con ustedes un poco más sobre mi con este video en donde les cuento que tengo 8 años de vegana por los animales, el planeta y mi salud. Me gusta comer frutas, verduras, semillas, cereales, oleaginosas, plantas y hongos para estar fuerte y nutrida. Tambien estudié Trofología, la ciencia de la alimentación y la nutrición. Que enseña como combinar correctamente los alimentos, para obtener sus nutrientes y para tener una buena digestión. He estudiado para aprender a estar bien nutrida siendo vegana y para ayudar a personas con consejos e inspirarlos a comer comida saludable y libre de crueldad animal.

Espero que les haya gustado el video y la receta del final del video de la malteada,licuado o smoothie de platano macho. Sólo se necesitan dos platanos machos, 1 litro de agua, y licuamos para obtener un licuado nutritivo. Este licuado o smoothie es perfecto para empezar el día con mucha energía! :D

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great video , keep on being a vegan xx


Thank you @winchestergirl42 for wattching the video !!! And yes I agree, I will keep on being a vegan, because I like to eat in a different way without causing damage to the animals! :3


me too @innita x have a good weekend x


I just saw that you answered back @winchestergirl42, thank you for wishing a good weekend for me, I hope you had a wonderful weekend too!! n_n


@chetanpadliya Thank you for having me in your list of of 5 favorite vegan posts, I am very glad you liked my video!!