Epic Burger! 100% plants! GF, Vegan, Oil free, Soy free & Healthy! RECIPE! PHOTO SHOOT (New!!!!)

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Yeaaa! I am finally back with an epic new recipe for you, and guys, you are going straight to food-heaven when you try this! Because that happened to me today! I cant describe how absolutely amazing those taste-combinations and flavor are! And surprise surprise, this is actually pretty simple to make by your self! It is not a heavy burger that drains all your energy, no, this one is light, cute, small and perfectly filling you with the rainbow nutrients your body ache for! Get the ingredients now, and make this! Promise me that;)

I had so much fun today creating this awesome new recipe, I have been waiting for my little boy to sleep for the night so that I finally can share this really exciting groundbreaking recipe with you!
Yesterday I worked on pictures for a brand that I cooperate with, and on some cookie dough pictures for my Instagram, and even if I also wanted to make those burgers that I have visioned in my mind since a few days, yesterday, I simply didn't manage to find the time for it. Therefore I started after breakfast with those burgers today, and I am very happy with the outcome.

I used baked sweet potatoes instead of bread, and to be honest, that is genius! The texture is soft, it tastes sweet and fits great with the different textures of the veggies and the awesome carrot burger! The burger is simple to mix together and has only healthy ingredients with a lot of carotene and protein!
To round up the different tastes, I made a nice dressing that is a little sour from lemon and a smoothness that is dreamy!

This recipe is:

  • oil free
  • gluten free
  • vegan
  • 100 % plantbased
  • heaven delicious
  • made with love
  • perfect for a party!
  • kids-friendly

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Ready to dig in? Here is my recipe! (Please let me know if you try out this one, I am always so happy when I get feedback on my recipes!)

Epic Veggie Burger (to die for!)

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  • 1 big sweet potato
  • 1 red onion
  • fresh herbs or lamb's lettuce/arugula
  • fresh tomatoes
  • cucumber
  • pickled cucumbers
  • 1 avocado


  • 3/4 cup chickpeas (cook your own after soaking them overnight to avoid extra salt and preservatives)
  • 1 pressed garlic
  • sea salt and pepper to taste + ground caraway seeds
  • fresh lemon jucie from 1 lemon + a little zest (only use organic lemon!)
  • 1/2 cup aquafaba (chickpea water that is left when your chickpeas are cooked)
  • Optional: a little white tahini

Roasted Chickpeas:

  • 1 cup cooked chickpeas
  • 1 pressed garlic
  • curry, sea salt and pepper

Carrot Burger:

  • 7 carrots (big or medium)
  • 1 pressed garlic
  • 3/4 cup millet flakes
  • 1/4 cup gluten-free flour (make your own mix with buckwheat flour. oat flour or any other flour you like)
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds
  • spices of choice: sea salt, pepper, curry, turmeric, ground caraway seed, chili
  • 1 small bunch fresh herbs (parsley or mint)
  • 1 small piece of ginger, grated

Burger (1 von 1)-2.jpgIngredients


  • For the burgers: grate the carrots and mix it well by hands or a wooden spoon until well combined.

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Mixing the burger dough in a bowl.

  • Form burgers and fry in a pan on medium heat in a little virgin coconut oil, on both sides for a couple minutes.
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  • Dressing: combine the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Taste with spices and sea salt.
  • Peel the sweet potato and slice in thick slices. Bake on parchment paper in the oven until soft at 200 degree celsius.
  • Roast the chickpeas on high heat in a little coconut oil and add the pressed garlic and spices. Roast a few minutes until crispy.
  • Chop and slice the veggies for the burgers.
  • Stack the burger as you like it and garnish with some extra chili.
  • Serve and enjoy warm!

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Burger made of carrots! Ready to be eaten!

Burger (1 von 1)-7.jpg Eat the rainbow and keep the rainbow inside of your soul.

I hope you have enjoyed my epic veggie burger, and wish you all a fantastic meal! Much love!

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To cute to eat?! You cant resist them!

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Love, Niina

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Love your account! Govegan! Resteemed of course..


Oh thank you so much my dear!! So so kind!! Enjoy your weekend!

It looks very healthy and delicious. I like the combination with the roasted chickpeas. Thanks for sharing @vegan.niinja.


You are so welcome!! I am so glad you enjoy my burger!;)

Niina, you did it again. This is so lovely, and using a sweet potato for the bun is a wonderful idea. Definitely going to resteem this one so I can try it! Well done! I can just see your little one gobbling this one up. :)


Oh thanks love!! You are so wonderful and sweet!!! Wish you a great sunday!!

YUM, this looks so good. I love that it’s completely wholesome comfort food. Stuff like this completely satisfies all of my cravings and makes me feel like I’m not “missing out” on other stuff. I always think you can be happy on any diet if you’re a great cook who makes delicious food regardless of what ingredients you use! This is so much more than just a “vegan” recipe.


Oh yes, thats true!! Thanks Lily for your beautiful words and all your love!! Much love to you!!

oh love love your creations, feeling so lucky to have you here on steemit, inspiring us all with such wholesome food. Can't wait to try these, you just keep out doing yourself xxx


Oh your words always know how to touch my soul;) Thank you, so much!! xxx

Wao Niina, you put in a recipe my favorite foods in life, I do not lie! I love the avocado, the chickpeas, the sweet potato and the arugula. OMG It has made me very hungry and I just ate arepas with broccoli hahaha, I would have wanted to eat this!


Haha darling! You have to try this epic burger, you won´t regret it a second!!! Enjoy sweetie;)

This truly is Epic Burger wow!!! Beautiful, colorful, healthy and super delicious. Well done Sweetie 🌸💖🌸


Thank you so so much my love!!!

wow and wow and wow. can't wait to try these, they look absolutely delicious! thank you for the post, great to see vegans rising here on steemit, looking forward for more yum yums!


Oh yes!! Thank you a million, you are so right, I also enjoy seeing so many vegans here on this awesome platform;)

Looks amazing! I have always wanted to specialise myself in vegan burgers but the attempts so far always resulted in burgers that were very difficult to bake and keep together. I saved this one and will try it out one day. the baked sweet patato instead of actual buns is e great idea.

Thanks !


Oh then you have to try this one!! I totally loved it, and it also looks so cute with this kind of mini burger!! The idea with sweet potato instead of bread was just some kind of inspiring I got by the colour and form, but it really tasted and looked perfect!! Really worth a try;) Good luck, and enjoy!!

These burgers are perfect :) Looks so delicious and nutritionous


Thanks lovely!!!

This is just stunning and creative and I know that based on all of the great stuff you put into it, that it would be absolutely delicious!


Ohh thanks love!! You are always such an inspiring sweetheart, many hugs and kisses to you!!;)


Same to you dear!

You're right, it's a Epic Burger!!!
I have to check your recipe soon 😍
Thank you dear 😘


Thank you so so much sweetheart!! So glad you enjoy it!!

so hungry for this right now! really love what youve done here! i just wonder does your food go cold like mine when ur taking pics, do u reheat it or just make enough so theres some heated ones later. omg i need dinner right now ><


Haha I have learned to take pictures quite fast by now, and most of it is cold (nicecream, cakes, parfaits and so on), so it is easier. I never reheat the food I have made for the pictures, always eat it right away. I try to prepare the set up before the food is done, that way I save time. Sometimes my baby boy and my partner are waiting, so I give them the hot food and take the picture only of my own. Haha, we have our tricks right;)

These are so cute and yummy looking, nice job! 😋


Oh thanks love, again!!;)