2019 be like...

2년 전


It may be on a plastic plate on a dirty(ish) table but this my dear friends is the start of a new health kick at the start of a new year!

Tonight I cooked ‘Plant Powered Pad Thai’ from Rich Roll’s database of recipes. You can find Rich Roll here... richroll.com

It’s entirely plant based (not that we are vegan, but we do love vegan food) and was loved by one out of the 6 of us 😂 But that’s okay because last nights super healthy Buddha Bowl dinner was a 5 out of 5.

I also got super motivated and cooked these breakfast muffins from wellnourished.com


They are gluten-free (suits our needs) and refined sugar free, also dairy free. And deeeeeeelicious!!!!!! Mostly but-based with sweet potato and green apple to bulk and sweeten. Oh and maple syrup! Mmmmmm😋 We have wanted to eat less cereal/toast and more nutritious and filling breakfasts for so long now, and I am collating a collection for daily use...

Do you like food posts? I’m sure I’ll have some interesting ones to share this year!

Happy 2019 beautiful people!

Jessi ✌️

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I like food posts. There are some interesting varieties too.
I used to use Steepshot to show various food products but now I use an app called Partiko. It makes Steemit a lot more user friendly and I can reply and upvote stuff on my phone when I want to.

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Thanks I might look into partiko!