Low income people are struggling to buy vegetables

8개월 전

The shouts of the buyers and sellers of the idol are in full swing Natore station vegetable market assorted Soylab every store for winter necessities Cauliflower Cabbage Carrots, eggplants and potatoes

There is an adequate supply of such vegetables in the market However, the rising price of vegetables is a boon The money of the working people is more than the price Retail Per kg of all types of vegetables at the stage

The suffering has increased from 15 to 20 rupees
The demand of market monitoring to reduce the common man

The word kadar means the market will then see the couple
Its wholesale price is Rs 230 in its retail market

Officials need to consider but the city
The four main retail markets are basically from here

Provides vegetables according to the distance of the rent
Such is the price that increases the cost of transportation even more

Traders claim to be the difference
I have benefited since then.

This time the price of vegetables is better than other times

This time the farmers will not accept the relief
By the grace of God, the bird is not well known, mother

Everyone has been in the market for about one and a half years
Wholesale vegetables are being sold every day

Trading at least 60 to 65 lakh rupees
Are news dramas at different times.

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