Why Becoming a Vegetarian?

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What is vegetarian? I know everyone probably know the meaning of vegetarian. But I just want to touch on it again. A vegetarian is basically someone who does not consume animal meats in their life. 

But to see it from a deeper meaning perspective, a vegetarian can be seen as someone who care enough the animals, their body health, soul, the environment, the beautiful mother nature and the world therefore, they choose not to consume animal meats. They reached to that point whereby their feeling and emotion tell them not to consume animal meat because it break their heart to see animals being killed or abused for human's consumption. 


This graph below show the world meat production from 1950 -2020, as you can see it shows that the production of pork, poultry, beef & mutton are increasing year by year. This demonstrate the increase of human's meat consumption in the world as the year goes by.  


So, what is the result from this? More and more animals required to be killed for human consumption. It is quite tragedy in my eye because I believe animals should have the equal right to live on this earth just like human beings. And we have no right to kill animal.   

This next graph below show Greenhouse Gase production. The increase of meat production can lead to higher negative impact on the environment. As you can see in the graph, the increase in meat production will result in the increase of C02 emission to the atmosphere due to deforestation. Then, this will lead to higher environmental footprint due to human made pollution. Hence, this will lead to higher energy production in taking care the animal. As a consequences, this lead to more land consumption. All of these are contributing to more environment destruction.   

Seeing all the negative effect caused by animal's meat consumption, it is recommended to think about cultivating a vegetarian diet or try as much as you can to reduce your meat's consumption.  

Next, I would like to list out the benefit of cultivating a Vegetarian diet.

A healthier body
-Better digestive system, Reduce constipation, lesser animal fat, Better cholesterol levels, lower risk of developing cancer. Helps with the heart problem. Clean out the body arteries, it can prevent diabetes.   

Save animals & Reduce environment destruction
- Reduce the killing of innocent animals, Reducing Animal agriculture, Reducing greenhouse gas emissions & deforestation.  

Practice mindfulness & thoughtful
- Cultivate the virtue of humbleness and appreciation to not kill animal.

Improve your mood
- Study shown that when you consume animal meat, the misery, pain, the torture and the suffering of the animal will somehow transform those negative feelings to human being when consume it. It will actually lead a person feeling more rage, fury and anger.

- It helps you to feel more compassion and happy.   

The choice is up to you to choose whether you want to become a full vegetarian or a partial vegetarian. You can always start from little for example eating vegetarian 3 to 5 days in a week. Just by eating vegetarian 3 to 5 days, you get to save many innocent animals, reducing environment footprint and improving body's health too.   


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Because it makes you closer to the nature

Thank you for sharing this, it is a wonderful and beautiful thing to do. I am so happy I switched over to not eating meat as well! I also have heard that eating meat (especially that which is tortured/treated inhumanely/etc..) that the vibration frequency from fear/pain will also be transmitted through consumption and can eventually consume you, so to speak. Very interesting.

I love the concept. Great picture. Being a vegetarian has so much advantages than disadvantages.

  ·  4년 전

It's a very alluring lifestyle, @donniechong!

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Being vegetarian makes a person much more selective about what they eat. Besides, I'm fascinated with the idea to live a longer, healthier and active life, contributing to reducing of greenhouse gases and other waste emission.