Lamborghini Newport Beach

4년 전

The theme of Lamborghini Newport Beach January 6th Car show was V12 engines.
Lamborghini Newport Beach holds a free carshow the first saturday of every month.

DanamI Huayra BC.jpg

Two of the three Pagani Huayra BC in attendance pulling into the show.

Mannys Hermes Huayra.jpg

One of one Pagani Huayra 'Hermes' Edition.
Specialty Hermes "H" pattern grill.

Dans Agera RS Draken.jpg

One of one Koenigsegg Agera RS "Draken". The Agera RS now hold the
world record for fastest production car at 277.8 MPH (447 KM/h)
and set the record for fastest time traveling from 0-248-0mph in 33.29 seconds.

Orange Aventador SV LamboNB.jpg

Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster in an incredible bright orange.


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Love the Lambo!