Lexus LFA Nurburgring Edition (1 of 50) + Orange wrap Bugatti veyron.

4년 전

Another Incredible show at @Sunsetgranturismo in Los angeles last week. I guess Orange is the new Black.

The One of Fifty Nurburgring Edition LFA. Is this the greatest sounding engine in the world? I think so.
Lexus Nurburgring LFA 1.jpg

Nurburgring LFA.jpg

Nurburgring LFA Wheel.jpg

@RDBLA came in hot as usual with an insane two tone matte and gloss wrap Veyron.

 Bugatti RDBLA sunset orange.jpg

RDBLA Bugatti Orange back.jpg

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Nice pics of really nice cars! :) I like colorful cars!


Thank you! I too appreciate when the owners have fun with the colors and styles.

give me the keys for 15 mins...