Merry Planters Trip to Royal Agriculture Project … Chiang Mai – Vehicle Photography

8개월 전

While on a morning field trip in northern Thailand, we were ferried up into the hills on this brightly painted bus.  

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Get on the bus

Just outside of the city of Chiang Mai are several project stations organized by the Thai Royal Project Foundation. After spending the morning learning about rice cultivation and various sustainable agricultural practices, we boarded this colorful shuttle bus for a short tour of some of the project’s more important sites. 

The magic bus

All the various sites were rather interesting, but the most “important” site turned out to be the lakeside restaurant where we were served a delectable 6-star lunch, which was definitely the highlight of the trip.   

And of course, this magic bus also left a fine impression. In fact, it reminded me of a long-past summer, one full of love, refreshing drinks, and other magical treats.  
Location – Chiang Mai, on Google Maps

This is my entry in @juliank’s Vehicle Photography contest.
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Sweet bus! Cool project! and a lovely part of the world! Pai (in the sky) was one of my favourite spots 20 odd years ago... have to get back up in the hills soon as it goes! Great stuff


Thanks. I have not yet been to Pai, but I was advised to go there to enjoy the local "flavors."


Ah Pai is great, I believe it has become a little gentrified over the decades, less hippy and more Spa's and the like, and more money has flowed to the area, , but such is life, no one can blame the Thais for wanting nice things now after all! I would be surprised if the elements that make "Pai in the Sky" great have all disappeared, it had a very cool music scene (all sorts but lots of quality Reggae ) and I would be surprised if that has changed, and there was at least once a vibrant alternative community up there, and not just "farang" but Thais too... mind you if you end up driving a bus up there, its 762 corners on the way up (and the way down too funnily enough) Its quite a ride... and can turn the stomach.... especially if you have had a few beers the night before... I learned that lesson the hard way! I had a lot of fun in that part of the world ripping around off road on 250cc dirtbikes (If anyone is interested in doing the same I can highly recommend "Tip Off Road" in Pai) Anyways, yes do get up there if you can, its worth the drive and it is an interesting little corner of the province for sure.

Miracle of technology. I do not know how the technical characteristics, and in appearance it is magnificent.

Чудо техники. Не Знаю как по техническим характеристикам, и по внешнему виду он - великолепный.

Beautiful project and see how you have received the necessary support I hope someday to receive it that way I loved your post greetings and my respects my support with my vote.


I love travelling and my wish is to travel to thialand at least one time in life and also agriculture of thialand is so famous and i want to eat mangoes of thialand that are too famous.

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that's a cool bus! i wish we had one here on our city :(

Awesome ride! I've seen like this in chiang mai when I visited the place.

one of the countries i had visited have the same concept..the jeepneys of the Philippines... a modifed version of the US army jeep. Asians are really creative and warm people.

Cool. I used to have a 40-foot International bus I traveled all over with. I love farming and permaculture and have done lots of it. I think we have a lot in common. I've also played the Hog Farm and stood on the Further bus that the real Merry Pranksters* used. Small world indeed.

Also, I'm currently living in Chaing Mai and would love to hook up with you if you're interested in meeting. That would be so cool. Let me know and loved your post.

Very colourful, fun-filled bus. Reminds me of the hippy days of the 70's

wonderful rural bus

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hi such a colorful subject to photograph really giving a traditional look, here is my suggestion if you could have used double exposure for photograph to also highlight the people sitting inside the vehicle it would add the beauty.

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The morning vision is very good and this ride is also good, hopefully you will not have fun

Very interesting project :)

Amazing initiative, keep it up!

contento por el apoyo que les dan,,,tambien tienen el mio,,,,,,

I'd love to experience that too. The bus is really cool.

This bus looks a bit similar to the ones I saw in the Philippines. The painted art of the bus is giving you a summer vacation vibe. It would have been more great if you incorporated some photos of the lakeside restaurant as well. :)

Can I get a follow too, I am a technology and travel enthusiast.

What a fun adventure! It's nice to visit Asia if only I could. You're lucky, I am jealous. lol