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The digital currency might be easily turn portable or fungible, but very tricky when adding anonymity without altering its scalability. The cryptocurrencies are not that secured like the physical cash because it lacks anonymity technology.
What many cryptocurrency project lacks is privacy-focused because every of their data and transaction are stores on a memory and it could be traceable. The question today is:
"how could cryptocurrencies project could succeed a privacy and anonymity value"?
Another blockchain based project called Veil has came up to provides the solution

Some of the global cryptocurrencies ranging from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Co are globally accepted and they are using them for payment network, but it is very unfortunate that none of them is 100% private. This will gives rooms to the cyber criminals to pinpoint your IP location and track user's identity and this identity can be sold out or mismanage. Therefore, the Veil project has come to build a privacy-focus cryptocurrency which will globally accepted for payment network and could not be trace through IP as everything will be anonymous.

Veil is the primary Zerocoin-put together digital money with dependably with respect to security. Veil are incorporating with Zerocoin convention, RingCT, Dandelion, Bulletproofs, and other creative highlights to offer a privacy ecosystem for cryptocurrency. Veil plans to offer the most private and easy to use digital cash. Veil will endeavor to make a steady and superior value-based digital money with numerous upper hands. Veil will covers basic innovation that will ensures close outright value-based protection and gives convenience to the two fledglings and specialists. Veil will create and push the limits of cryptographic protection conventions and to make a security centered cash with the adaptability and execution required for standard reception.


The veil platform will offer a cryptocurrency with a full-time privacy.

The veil platform will help users to operate only private transactions with one kind of coin.

Users will be able to mint privately through the platform using X16RT algorithm.

Staking through the veil platform will be private.

Users IP will be private and it will be untraceable for a third party to know your base. This feature is achieve with the help of Dandelion privacy protocol.

The veil platform will be able to handle a fast transaction validation

The veil blockchain has a minimized transaction fees

The Veil project has taken the advantages of RingCT and Zerocoin protocol to build a privacy-focus cryptocurrency which will be worldwide accepted for payment platform and network. The Veil cryptocurrency will be used for peer to peer transaction and will be use also for staking and mining. This means people can mint the Veil cryptocurrency. The Veil project will help people to hide their identity, hide their IP location and furthermore hide their transaction identity.

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