It is no secret to anyone that a migration boom of biblical proportions has emerged today. This has been a tendency of different cultures and populations in general in order to escape from the crises that overwhelm their people, either by fleeing a war or perhaps a political and economic crisis.

Whatever the reason, we should only be sure that 90% of people who migrate do so for a specific reason, progress and well-being for their family and for themselves. Now, with this preamble I evoke the greatest migration seen in the decade in the South American continent, the Venezuelan migration, and millions of people have left their home country in search of progress and looking for a way to escape the severe economic crisis that overwhelms all the inhabitants of Venezuela. All these migrants, once they have arrived in the countries of destination, have worked in various jobs and trades, the end? Logically, earning daily support for themselves and their families both in the country that hosts them and in Venezuela.

From the aforementioned we have to ask ourselves, very directly, how can we do to send some money to those relatives we leave in Venezuela? I have the answer in one word, REMESA, yes! The remittance, that international method of almost immediate exchange of currencies, where the main thing is to send a small part of your effort in that country that shelters you to those who hopefully stayed in your country of origin or simply to treasure goods, such as situation, you just have to keep in mind that Venezuela as Venezuela is a victim of the strict controls of a regime that by becoming the flag of socialism, monopolizes institutions and restricts the freedom of financial movement. Then, how do we do? It is simple, this boom, brings with it the seed of opportunism, the creation of figures, companies and movements of the emerging economy, whose sole purpose is to facilitate this process of REMESA (said by the government, to be a fraudulent and conspiracy method that attempt against the country's economy, orchestrated by Yankee imperialism).

I will not explain now that it is a consignment or how it is done, but I do want to highlight how important it is for each Venezuelan abroad. A way to emerge economically, a vivid expression of the globalization of the world economy and an escape valve to the critical pressure generated by the abrasive and destructive economy that plagues Venezuela.

This has been my first post on the subject of remittances, just a simple publication of such a basic but important topic of economics. In my next post, I will detail the REMESA process and what current shipping and currency exchange companies hide from us. Grateful for your reading, don't forget to vote. Recommend the post and commented. Thank you!

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