Help.venezuela goes Hive


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For almost 1.5 years the account @help.venezuela has been upvoting quality content creators from Venezuela on Steem. With systematic upvotes of their content, we managed to provide a little help in their difficult economical situation. Most of the authors that we support moved to Hive, so it is normal that we move to hive as well.

The @help.venezuela account will continue to upvote posts on steem but we will power down the account and use the funds to buy Hive. We will continuously power up this Hive in order to make our Hive account more powerful and to be able to give more significant upvotes. We believe that by concentrating our staked coins on hive, we will be able to provide more economical value for the authors.

Authors that are supported by @help.venezuela:

@fucho80, @hendersonp, @jadams2k18, @jenina619, @juanmolina, @lanzjoseg, @reinaldoverdu, @roronoa07, @yomismosoy, @sacra97, @hlezama, @chiminguito, @jennimorillo, @darthgexe, @equipodelta, @garybilbao,@topfivefamily, @manuelgil64, @por500bolos, @nachomolina, @peraza82, @spirajn, @tramelibre, @yonnathang, @pedrobrito2004

We can take some more authors into the program!

Some supported authors have been inactive for a long time. We will not kick them out because the reason why they are inactive are often not understandable for people who live not in Venezuela. Maybe they simply don't have electricity or they have another hardship. So we keep them in the program hoping that they will post again. However, when people stay inactive, this means that some voting power is available for new users.

To qualify to be supported by this program, you need to show that you post quality content on a regular basis. Only people from Venezuela can qualify to be supported. If you are from Venezuela and you fulfil these requirements, you can apply by writing a comment to this posts.

How you can support the project @help.venezuela

By upvoting posts of Venezuelan people, this projects provides a direct income on a regular base for the authors. It encourages them to be active and to create quality content. For people from Venezuela, the income from Cryptocurrencies is a very important factor to support their families and friends. Cryptocurrencies can be exchanged directly into local currencies over some local exchanges and they can buy food, cloths or medicine that would not be affordable with their normal income. The average income in Venezuela is around 6 USD per Month!

With your upvote you can help us to make this project grow. The bigger the account @help.venezuela, the more powerful the upvotes will be and the more people from Venezuela can be supported. You can also help by sharing this post to make it visible for more people.

a project by @achim03
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You are a very special person. I am grateful to have the opportunity to be supported by your project which fills with hope many authors who strive to keep the community active.

I hope you are very healthy and can continue to protect more and more people. Thank you!


Thank you very much for your kind comment. My and my family are healthy but the situation is quite surrealistic here and it is quite challenging. I whish you all the best and hopefully you and your familiy can all stay healthy too.

I think this incentive is very good


Thank you very much for your comment

what a great initiative. I would like to be supported by this project.


Thanks a lot for your comment. We have visited your blog and we have really liked your content. We gladly take you into the program. From now on all your posts will get upvoted by help.venezuela and its curation trail.

Thanks @help.venezuela @achim03 We will also be there accompanying


Thank you very much for your comment!

Un proyecto muy esperanzador, cuenten con mi apoyo para darle continuidad, saludos


Muchas gracias para su apoyo!

Saludos a todos!

Hi friends from @help.venezuela .Thanks a lot for the support that you are giving to the venezuelan people. I see me in the mirror when you said that it's often that we stop posting for the hard situation in the country. It's almost my case in the last week. I'm a Mathematic teacher in a universitty and my earns dont reach the 10$ at month. My mother get sick the last week and only to pay the medical revition i had to look for 25$ pluss another35$ in medicine. I payed it with the help of the STEMIT'S recompenses and giving private class.
I hope tha you keep on giving this unvalued support to all of us.