I Changed Lines

3년 전

Back in January 2017 I made the decision to make a lifestyle change and by July 2019 I lost 100.5 pounds. Having lost 60+ pounds two times before and then gained it all back I decided to try something else. During my journey I learned that only 1.7% of people who reach goal weight can keep the lost weight lost. I decided to try something else, something a lot easier that "move more, eat less". I didn't make special meals or count calories or carbs. I didn't exercise unless you call mowing my grass exercise. I literally did nothing. Nothing is easier to do than nothing.

I decided to give fasting a try. I stopped eating breakfast and two days a week I skipped lunch as well. I did many extended fasts of up to 8.5 days which put my 4 autoimmune diseases into remission. Yes, extended fasting does that. I am successfully keeping lost weight lost by never eating breakfast and skipping lunch as well two times a week. Who knew that eating three meals a day is one of the worst things you can do to your body! My personal experience confirmed what I read in 12 books on therapeutic fasting.

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