America's own "Little HITLER"

10개월 전

Keep THIS word in mind for a little bit: “Sturmabteilung“ and all will become clear in a few moments.
This word is exactly „WHAT “ propelled Adolph Hitler into power in the 1920s and the 1930s, quite literally meaning“Storm Detachment”, was the Nazi Party's original “Paramilitary wing.” It was theoretically only for security during the Nazism rallies against opposing political parties but quickly grew to be called “Brownshirts” and “Hitler’s SA” was the forerunner to the “Schutzstaffel ( the SS)”.
In 1934 Hitler withdrew his support of the SA in what was called the “Night of the Long Knives” (die Nacht der langen Messer). After this, began the “Blood Purge” that resulted in over 6 MILLION deaths. And this is exactly what drumpf is doing this day! He has created his own “Bully Boys” in uniform and they are simply behaving like “BULLIES” with the power of “Presidential Pardons” granting them virtual immunity from prosecution. Now, I don’t know about ANY OTHER Veteran, but this one did not serve just to let some misogynistic paranoid little minded POS turn MY COUNTRY into a little NAZI concentration camp. Those “Police Forces” that drumpf has in Portland are CRIMINAL IN ACTION AND INTENT and should be simply arrested where EVER THEY ARE FOUND .
The President’s little “Billy Boy BARR” should lock the mental case away for his own good. SCOTUS must step in and halt these actions IMMEDIATELY! THESE actions are HIGH CRIMES AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION of the United States of America.
ANYONE who believes that the President is acting for the best interests of this country must be as insane as is the President.

© Mitchell 2020-07-24

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