My Christmas wish to EVERYONE!!!

5개월 전

It is getting to that time of year again where you connect with family and friends that you haven’t seen for a year. Some of the people you want to connect with the most you haven’t seen in several years. January 2nd is the day that many will say “Next Year I will get to see them” and then life happens and you miss your date.

Pick up the phone, hop in the car (or hop on your Bike) and go do what you keep not getting done. Today is alright, next year might be to late. So get yourself out of your personal comfort zone and GO SEE YOUR MISSING PERSON!! Next year just might be 11 months too late and you will wish like hell you had gotten off your duff and made the effort. If you make the effort I guarantee that you will receive a priceless gift for Christmas, you will see a glow of happiness that will outshine the Sun. Not to mention the satisfaction you will feel.

We are truly getting to the age where every year our Christmas card list gets shorter and shorter. This year, I think I am down to 5 or 6 and I am going to figure out how to make it bigger. I am finally getting to the age where I miss my friends.

So in closing I would like to leave you with this little b it of “Fluff” that I put together last year:

“May your Blessings be many and your problems slight. May all your wishes have a happy ending and your mornings always be bright!”
Merry Christmas to all, and to all,, a very good life!!

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