Optimising your Connection for Video Chats (16m)

2개월 전

getting lag on a video call? chat going all stuttering?

i've put together a simple overview course for you to fine tune your connection and things you should be considering every time you make a video call or even start gaming online.

optimize your connection, https://skl.sh/2m5Q9cu

in this course i'll be discussing the following. . .

  • let's talk latency
  • steps to take before a live stream
  • things that effect your live stream
  • memory and bandwidth
  • tools to monitor system areas

i'm hoping that my tips will help you really optimize the best settings you can and to understand what is happening in the background of your computer to really get the most from your internet connection!

optimize your connection, https://skl.sh/2m5Q9cu

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