Mini Lathe Amateur, Episode 1

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Hello, steemies!

I'm starting a new video series here on steem. This is an on-going series of videos that I'm making about my adventures with my new metal turning lathe.

The lathe is a Central Machinery brand 7 X 10 mini lathe from Harbor Freight Tools here in the U.S. The 7 X 10 means that a 7 inch diameter piece is the largest that could be put on the lathe, and the 10 is for the longest piece that supposedly can be handled on the lathe, though in reality, it's closer to 8 inches. The lathe spindle is hollow with a roughly 3/4 inch bore, so smaller diameter pieces can be passed through the lathe chuck and into the spindle bore. This makes it possible to work on something longer than 8 inches, as long as it's a smaller diameter than 5/8ths of an inch. That diameter is determined by the bore through the chuck, which is approximately 5/8ths of an inch, smaller than the spindle bore.

In this first episode, I talk about a couple of accessories for the lathe. One of these is a "live center" for the lathe tailstock. This comes with the lathe. The other is a drill chuck adapter that I bought to use in the tailstock. The tailstock drill chuck is used to hold drill bits for drilling a hole in the center of a piece that is being held in the lathe chuck.

Here is the video. It's almost 11 minutes long.

I hope you find this video interesting, or at least amusing.

Thanks for stopping by my page to check it out!

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