Hiking is good for you 📽️ My first Video on Steemit

3년 전

I went hiking yesterday. During a break at an alpine hut called Klagenfurter Hütte I made this little video. Honestly, I am no pro editing videos, so please do not judge too hard .... 😂

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Awesome vedio. Keep going.

It's very nice.....

Nature is more than I enjoy. In particular, this brick wood captured from a busy mechanical life of a fictitious camera might have taken us some time to nature.

I'm really loving the way the clouds sweep in over the mountains and the sharp focus on the foreground. nice little edit!


Hi @adamfryda-art! I am glad you like it :) Two minutes after I paused the Video it started to rain. Luckily there was a hut right next by :)


Well they do say timing is important!