Road Safety Rules with Dwells

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I have been a truck driver for 13 years and I've seen my fair share of crazy things on the road.

I've never been in an accident in a big truck, that was my fault.

I did have a guy in a Toyota Yaris rear end me last year though.


It was a rental, he didn't care. He got a ticket for distracted driving for being on his phone.

The reason for this post is to share some safety tips with you that I have learned as a driver that's help me to be safe on the road all these years.

In the above video I discuss these topics.

  • What causes traffic backups
  • How traffic backups can be avoided
  • When to merge in traffic
  • The importance of following distance
  • How to count your following distance
  • The importance of following distance in the rain

Later that morning after the weather cleared up I decided to record another video to get a better example of how to count your following distance. Here is that video.

I hope after watching these two videos you have a better idea of how you can make yourself safer on the road by increasing your following distance.

An accident occurs when two vehicles try to occupy the same space at the same time.

If everyone practiced these following distance rules it would all but eliminate most traffic accidents, except for the freak ones that occur when somebody has a mechanical breakdown or failure.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and these videos, if you have and would like to see more Trucking with Dwells videos, hit that follow button.
If you've got any questions about truck driving or topics about truck driving you want me to cover in future videos, please leave a comment and let me know.

There is something wrong in this picture, can you spot what it is?

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RESTEEMED to 2200+ followers! Safety first! @ironshield


Thank you!

Very informative videos. Things to think about while driving. Why are some of those tubes white? @ironshield


The difference in color is different types of pipe. the smaller green pipe is a thinner pipe that would be used for like residential irrigation systems and things like that and the white pipe is a thicker pipe and this might be used for a well. I can crash that thin green pipe with my straps I can't Crush that white pipe.


Is that what is wrong with the picture?


No. In order to get the pipe tight so it doesn't fly off the truck I kind of have to crush some of it on the top of the stack. The problem in the picture is closer to the bottom of the stack. That's a hint for you.

Around here trucks have maybe a 1 second distance between each other. Seven second following distance? That's a lot! @ironshield

Excellent information...I would encourage you to keep doing trucking videos. Really neat to get the insight that you have!

As for what is idea!


I shall give you a rental as a hint.
The failure is knot, a piece of lint

Is it that the strap is twisted?


That is a very good guess! Normally a twisted strap is not good, but with pipe it's good to have one twist cus it keeps the strap from vibrating in the wind going down the road, which makes it look like it's loose when it's not.

The real problem with this pipe is that it is not being delivered out to my new land so I can use it! :)

This is what I notice in the picture: I always like to stack the larger pipe on the bottom. Less pieces, more stable. I always rotate my straps so they don't hum on the road, they seem to stay tighter that way. Aren't there supposed to be thin wood dividers between the pipe layers?


You know your pipe Sir! Yes it's good to have bigger pipe on the bottom, but in this case, there was 6 lifts of that white pipe so it stacked evenly 3 and 3 on both side. The top on the other side had some 12 inch pipe. There are boards between each layer, and with that comment you are the closest one yet to finding out what's wrong. Good job @Smithlabs, keep looking. Might need to zoom in a bit.


But the real problem is them not delivering this load to ME, ROFLOL! I could heat and cool my house, all year long with this load, LOL! :)

I will look some more.


Would you use the pipe for geothermal?


I would use it to make an Earth Battery which harvests ground temperature using a simpler process than geothermal. The pipes are buried four feet down, and a long length ( maybe 500 feet) the air circulated through this pipe will be 60 degrees, all the time. :D

So what was the answer @dwells??