Stumping @papa-pepper

2년 전

Ladies and gentlemen of the steemit community, it has finally happened!

@papa-pepper got STUMPED!!


Oops sorry that's the wrong kind of stump.

Here is what I was talking about.

I gave him a pop can tab and told him it was a duck call and gave it to him to see if he could figure out how. Watch the video to see how I stumped him.

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Funny stuff....dude you have to bring back the beard!!!!!


What?! No dude, I look way better with it shorter. Plus the wife likes it shorter.

I'd rather be stumped.


WOW, You clean up good, LOL! You are speaking sense, glad there are Fathers that Get it! It is a tough job, but the best one under the Sun!


I want to see the ducks you brought in with that call, ROFLOL!