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This is great! That intro is well done, @lturner and I will watch this together tomorrow. (I watched a minute in) The little mew mews are really cute!

Woo hoo chia seeds! We eat those here too. My husband was concerned when I told him my son can’t have cows milk anymore because where is he going to get calcium. But there’s so many other sources of calcium. Almond milk is great too.
Cassie, how were your blood sugar levels when you first started keto and during the fast? My son has been eating keto 2 weeks now and his levels are dipping lower than I’m comfortable with. Is that normal? Will he eventually adapt?


Hi! My blood sugar levels did drop with fasting. There were times towards the end that I got a little worried with how much they dropped. With keto they dropped too. But it was a gradual drop and didn't drop 50 points in a day or 2. It took time.
Type 1 is different then type 2. You can be totally healthy and have zero other problems and get type 1. Where as type 2 is caused from being over weight or even from other diseases. I have type 2. So it's easier to change that or reverse it with diet. Type 1 is harder. I really do think that if you heal your body that you can reverse it. But I think you have to find the root of the problem. With him having type 1, I would consult with his doctor about keto and find out what they are comfortable with. I would also write everything down and keep good records. Also, go with your mom gut. The Father has put that instinct in us for a reason. ❤️ We will be praying for complete healing.

As far as OMAD....try it again for yourself. It's hard to get past the hunger pains, but you can do it. Pray and ask for guidance and strength. Remember that your body is either storing fat or burning fat.

Hope this helps!!

Hey!!! How did I miss this??

Nice intro, and a good talk! Sooooo did you lose any subscribers? :- )


Not that I am aware of, if I did they were quickly replaced with new ones. Just passed 1600 subs this morning. I did lose a follower here on steemit. Not sure why, he said I should post a kitten video for "caturday" and I replied that I don't post on the Sabbath and saturday nights are reserved for this show. Oh well.


Yeah...oh well for that person!

And 1600!!! Sweetness! Congrats man, here is to many many more! Hopefully you will be able to get yourself an awesome new laptop soon!