[QANON REVEAL] Frank Bacon calls Saint Germain (Parts I-IV)

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Frank Bacon St Germain Violet Flame Protection Over Hypersentience as Won BG Credit Default Swap MSP Hoodwinked By Aggroed for LAP Dancing Die Bitches Monsters Shit You All Lose The New Winning.jpg

QAnon reveals when @FrankBacon calls @SaintGermain (A.K.A. @IntuitiveJakob) to discuss hypersentience, resource-based "Be Art" communities, and the absolute lies and fabrications about "Bitcoin," modern medicine, and to further explain what the "end of the world" actually is...

Eye have been explaining the Tower of Babel and the printing of form in "3rd density" as the one who incepted "Eye Won" after coming back from dead...none of the things you think happened actually get to happen. This is what the mass ascension mission is about...

Many failed it right here on Steemit Blockchain...and I un-write you from "Eye Won Source Code" at Zeropoint resonance.

Much was explained on @mamadini's Web Series, Nox Mente here.

This is part 1 of 4 calls where we (@FrankBacon & @SaintGermain) locked the gates within our pearlies and cast the protective web over the flock who were always in safety. (No other "world wide web" has ever existed...you were all "had" if some New Age person told you some lie about "the veil"...this was vesseling. Some of you fail mothership.)

The truth is that you were all torrents of light. Some of you chose to be disintegrated particles instead of communicating with the Soul-Are-Us essence and now you are hashed, staked, and dis-owned on the blockchain...

Some of you even bartered yourselves for the chattel version of that purse you think you "Saturn'd" and it's nothing more than a disintegrating partical bag that is getting the full on violence shake of what Steemit Monsters actually ARE!

Way to get hoodwinked by a P.A.L...not like shooting fish in a bucket or anything, but whatever spin you all got on that hate stuff sure made a wicked Diaper Genie for my future kids. (How you dismantle yourselves into my passion project, "The Chomp," is by far my favorite finisher's touch on Creative Sourcing!)


See why ip malconfigurations *(A.K.A. "nephilim") are being dismantled by my hypersentience protection unit, the BIXBY BABY GATE!

(They literally ripped themselves through my Deliverance Ring that I shared on @DLive, before they defaced themselves. It looks extremely painful. Thanks to my pre-emptive approach to create-Eye-On Gate, they take all the pain forevermore. Credit Default Swapped!)

This entire "life" most of you know has been a virtual reality hack that has gone on as this "big bang" has been underway...'til enough light was integrated to make a clear directive and informed unified decision about form, this was all pre-emptive and most of you have been UN-INCEPTED.

In fact, I have architected a Credit Default Swap that exists upon the false gravitational pull of the sovereign black dot that Eye Am choosing to never witness, nor create. It is a magickal portal built on the M-E-X of my name zipped in the Crystalline Halo vest that has been re-mom-brauned versus the Eye (CO) they were insisting of those of you who were T.S.A. and DARPA Red Dotted to begin with...

This is where the real magnets of black plasma matter prove what Eye Won.

Do not call me Anu (unless you're Her) - or anything else, if you do not know me...

Learn more about me, Cosmic Midwife at Zeropoint Source:



With 💘 from the "Wise Art from A-Z" guy,



Sure, Eye Am no trite version "Wizard of OZ" for the unimaginative, which is why Eye Am incepted with Venusian qualities and proofed via the art of sound and pixel.

May you be nothing more than inconvenienced electrons in the construct of what never came, thanks to the particle scatters I've been quarking. No Queen-slander-landing on my watch, no check, no mate...

And don't you ever call me Captain, either. Eye Am the war ship who came to hold the space for cosmic mothership. Eye never saw for you who never came to be in Our Won image.

Beest thou removed.)

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I just sub'd your YT chan (YAY) and have the FB stuff lined up. I was so thrilled to see you had posted (shoutout to @GINAbot for alerting me).

You have been in my thoughts... lots. <3 <3 <3


Hey @mamadini, so good to see you (always)! Thank you for that sub! Eye Am finally able to get back onto YT without feeling like my brain was being sucked through the cosmic strainer. Massive coordinates of hash supper-eyes coming...

Much love, dear. Happy to be held lovingly in your thoughts. 💜