Oats Studios - Filmography done right!

3년 전

A few new studio productions of short films have just been released, directed and written by Neill Blomkamp.

These films Are out Now and can be viewed either on Steam or Oats Studios' Youtube Page, and are absolutely free with the only means to support the production being an asset pack in which is completely optional and mainly includes extras.

Rakka, one of my favourite videos from Oats Studios, starring Sigourney Weaver, Robert Hobbs, and Carly Pope

Besides smaller Youtube production companies (who started from Youtube), not many 'hollywood' quality films have been produced and essentially 'given' to the audience with no catches, and to see a cast including Sigourney Weaver, Robert Hobbs, Carly Pope starring in Rakka is absolutely phenomenal for a free-to-audience production.

So you must be wondering, if this was produced for free with this cast, the production quality must be lacking, right?

And to that I would answer a solid: NOPE. The short films were brilliant, succinct and told an amazing story which really made you think and drive parallels between the abstract story and our world today (even though most of the stories are bizarre), for instance the whole 'Alien takeover' plot in Rakka made me think about the USA's involvement in Iraq, and the chemical and neuro-toxins being used in Syria, and the whole global warming at a mass scale drawing parallels to what a certain president is trying to do by denying the Paris Agreement. Nevertheless this is all to say that I believe this series is brilliant and I think this intuition that Neill Blomkamp has should be replicated across the industry.

I believe Oats Productions is on to something incredible, you should absolutely check them out, and watch some of their videos. If you enjoy them as much as I have and you have some free cash floating around you should also consider purchasing their asset pack to encourage this type of 'free-to-audience' style production from Hollywood studios, as this idea of 'Intellectual property' and money-grabbing really ruins the industry.

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