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The Ben and Lauren Show Episode Two

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Yep, that would be quite a vision and quite a surprise - never pictured being able to retire on the income from a blog, let alone on crypto income.

Well, THESE kids might be teens but I make no promises there might not be more behind them... -grin-

I got told in the grocery store today that I really need to figure out "what's causing all that", pointing to my cart full of kids. He then smiled and said they were cute, so I expect he was just being funny.

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haha! yes Ma'am I'm sure he was just being funny, no one would be that rude...I don't think, I hope not. success is coming I believe, I think I heard that from Sir Ironshield!


-grin- You never know. This guy wasn't being rude, but as a kid growing up in a big family we heard that one for real (meaning, said to be rude) more than once.

Sir Ironshield is one of the most optimistic people I know. I hope he's absolutely right on the success!


haha! Sir ironshield..I love that guy! he's so smart and so good with numbers and he's so good at explaining things! in fact I was thinking about something the other day that I didn't understand about steemit and I was going to ask him but now I forgot what it was!

it'll come to me. God bless you both!