Bit.tubes move to BitTubers now limits videos, requires "upgrading" for longer videos


Since videos may not load for certain users, I try to produce a mirror link to my videos in the case someone cannot view what I uploaded to I have been using a #onelovedtube uploader that locally stores my video to its own server which has helped, though right now my uploader is not functioning so only existing videos can be viewed this way.

bittube message.JPG

First off, these moving message has some major spelling and grammar errors in it. Pretty shocking this was not caught. So I created an account at bittubers and tried to upload. And it said my video was too long and I had to "upgrade" for the upload.


I think they meant constraint

Since my backup mirror which was now charges ill need to find another decentralized video platform to upload to. I used to use #Viuly but with all the uploading issues I stopped and seems its still down. I hope Theta token gets their network up and running soon so I can upload there. Or maybe #Sia or #Storj will come out with a video streaming service.

I need to give #lbry a try for videos, they have been excellent for hosting images but have not tried any videos yet.

If anyone knows of some good decentralized video platforms besides Id love to know. As seems all others are dropping like flies these days.

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AhhhhH! I literally opened an account with them yesterday... because for the last couple of weeks I've attempted to upload to bitchute... but it just won't do it. LOL!

I thought that bitTube looked pretty appealing... though the voting and such was a little weird, but mostly just new to me.

I'll keep on the lookout for other hosting services, cause on another platform I'm on they always request 'anything but youtube'. LOL! Some folks won't even view stuff on youtube...

And yes, we should both try Library. It's silly I've not yet. I think it's probably the best option... Though I don't know about hosting rules there yet...


@carrieallen ah shit... yeah they have been good for well over a year but then their announcement of closing the old site and forcing to use the new one with the limitations is not worth it to me.

Hah yeah I feel dirty watching videos on youtube.. I'd rather not visit them anymore.

Sweet, let me know if you come up with any.. next try for me is uploading videos to Library and see how it works.

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before we get in steem blockchain i talked to my team about bittube (well i was mean Dtube but the names confused me lol) we tried it and it is always saying IPFS error then i remembered what i mean which project i mean (Dtube) then we entered in steem blockchain and when i saw dtube login that needs steem account i remembered that i watched a youtube video talking about steem, i let them watch it and we entered in steem blockchain ;)


@cityofstars I like but sometimes the videos fail to load. And over time they are removed from the network so it's good to have a mirror.

Glad you got it working

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