Much Ado about Implied Canine Ideology

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Before writing this, I made a quick check and...

It appears that Count Dankula continues to avoid checking in at the stone hotel. I suppose the fact that I had to check shows that I haven't had much personal concern for the matter in a while. At the time that he was more prominent in the Zeitgeist, I saw fit to throw together three videos concerning his case:

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An overview of the ongoing case can be read here:
or here:

The significant development is that Meechan has received notice that, if he does not pay £800 by tomorrow, The Crown will seize the amount in cash or assets by any means necessary. In retrospect, I should have put this information as an addendum to the post itself, rather than a comment (which has now become buried).

Due to time constraints ( news generally ceases to be new in less than 48 hours), I simply pulled a post I already had waiting in my docket which related to the case.

I think it is important for the STEEM community to pay close attention to how the Meechan case plays out. Since it is effectively impossible to forcibly remove information from the blockchain, we take what might be a false sense of security in the idea that this is a censorship free platform. Meanwhile, Western governments are testing the waters as to means to intimidate the populace into self-censorship (using tactics already practiced by more authoritarian regimes such as Turkey and China).

Whenever STEEM comes onto the radar of powerful states and corporations, I predict that they will seek to control it indirectly by targeting individuals in this fashion.


Mark Meechan
Markus Meechan is a Scottish YouTuber, originally from Coatbridge. Meechan, known online as Count Dankula, received considerable press coverage when he posted a video of a dog raising its paw in the manner of a Nazi salute and reacting to the prompt "Do you wanna gas the Jews?". Meechan was subsequently arrested and convicted of being "grossly offensive" under the Communications Act 2003 in March 2018. This arrest generated controversy and discussions about free speech.


Good info, ty.

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Getting onto the trending page by means of leverage is highly effective at attracting organic engagement, but the top position is more trouble than it is worth. There is also the concern of diminishing marginal utility. That is: money spent overshooting the mark is effectively wasted.

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I think you mean 15 :P

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This stuff is funny!

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I had planned to post this a few weeks in the future. Yesterday, I learned of a new development in the Dankula case; so, I decided to shuffle things around, in case the topic suddenly becomes more newsworthy.


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If, later this week, The Crown bring the full extent of their force down upon Meechan (as they are currently threatening to do), pushing a post about his case to maximum visibility will be easy to justify in retrospect.

If not, I have made a gamble upon my reputation and lost.

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Fair comment.

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