Chemex OTTOMATIC? (Going Electric episode)


When I bought the Chemex, I actually got the coffee machine, which comes with the 6-cup carafe. They call the machine, Chemex Ottomatic. I don't use it often as I prefer manually brewing, especially for a cup or two. But I can always take it out to have an easier time brewing a bigger batch to be shared with a group.

The same basic principles as other common electric drip coffee makers apply. But the Ottomatic looks quite cooler, do you agree? :D Also, it is a bit more advanced, as it's designed to operate considering specialty coffee practices. I really recommend this machine to all coffee lovers out there!

How did you enjoy your coffee today?

P.S. The grinder at the beginning is a Compak K-6.

P.P.S. I really couldn't upload to DTube right now (attempted for 4 days). So I decided to just have an unlisted video uploaded to YouTube.

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