One Thing I'm Going To Miss About Summer

22일 전

I decided to do a short post about one thing that I am always be missing when the summer is over. Basically, we have 4 months of summer here in Estonia and in summer there is one aspect that I love but most of you are probably better off of it. I love thunderstorms... Thunderstorms do not really exist outside this season so the summer is the only time I can see it. Usually, when I see from an online map that thunder is close I already get excited and I'm hoping to get hit by it. There are 2 main reasons, I want to capture it and I just love watching the force of nature.


When I see that thunderstorm is coming and I have free time at the moment I usually go to the open field or by the sea, depending on the cloud location and moving to get a nice view all over the cloud and then I sit, capture, watch and listen.
Thunderstorms are especially spectacular at night but unfortunately, there was only 1 this year and it was already bright outside then. Anyway its a goodbye with thunderstorms for about 7 months now.

I put together a short video showing some lightning strikes when I was on the field this summer chasing this storm.
When the storm got too close I left because I'm not too comfortable being the only high object with a car on an empty field.
Watch it and enjoy it!

What are you going to miss about the summer?


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If I hear of a thunder storm, I'm to the park to walk in it! I get soaked and wind blown... and feel great! (a wet ride home to peal off and shower.) But all worth it for the feeling!
I feel bad that you only get one a year. Though we get a few, usually only one good one that rips down tree limbs and is really fun to walk in.


There was more but only one went straight over my head. Well, I'm glad I'm not the only moron who puts himself in danger :D

We have the same thing here in Canada, 4 months of summer and thunderstorms.. ALTHOUGH im absolutly terrified of them. I remenber as a child going into my moms room at night cause i was so scared, but because i did it so often i stopped waking her up, and i grabbed couch cushions from the sunroom and made a bed on the floor beside her. I also was dealthy afraid of the movie twister. Have a good day!

Ps. If i ihad to choose somthing to miss at end of summer... the list would never end! Long days, hot days, plants thriving, gardens producing food, drinks, the beach and the list goes on and on and on.


Yeah, it's hard to choose of all things :D About thunder, when I was little I was the exact opposite to you lol. Even then I loved it when hard thunderstorms came nearby and I love the excitement that comes with extreme weather for some reason. Looks like I havent changed much, im still the same :D

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