Augarten Porcelain Manufactory And Cafe In Vienna For A Sunny Spring Day

4개월 전

I am originally from Vienna but I continue to explore my hometown and absolutely amazed how many charming places I find, I still don’t know.

I have never been to the wonderful Vienna Porcelain Manufactory Augarten before. Today I only enjoyed sitting in the sun but I am sure to find out more about the factory for my next visit.

Founded in 1718, the “Vienna Porcelain Manufactory Augarten” is one of the oldest and most renowned porcelain manufactories in Europe. Since its very first days, the company has been devoted to producing the highest quality of porcelain. Manufactured and handpainted in the heart of Vienna, each piece of porcelain has been a reflection of the company’s standard for excellence. Marrying an impecable purity of line with delicate patterns, the manufactory’s porcelain has come to be world renowned for its timeless grace and elegance.

The Porcelain Museum is directly located at the Porcelain Manufactory.

Obere Augartenstraße 1
1020 Vienna
43 / (0)1 / 211 24 200

Today I went to see a friends old Viennese style flat up for rent in the second district, an area I am not really that familiar with but I was pleasantly surprised to find the beautiful Augarten.

It’s for sure worth to sit at the open door cafe to sip on a Cafe Latte or an Aparol Spritz with your friends for your visit in lovely Vienna.

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The garden looks lovely and yes some places hold many secrets and are so vast there is just not enough time to explore it all @mammasitta sadly.


The best to explore those secrets in your own hometown. I have not seen so many great spots, even though I grew up here.

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Die Porzellan-Ausstellung von Augarten ist echt empfehlenswert. So viel schönes Geschirr! Von alt bis modern.

Ich war im Winter im Augarten, da hat alles etwas trostlos ausgesehen, aber jetzt im Frühling ist es im Park sicher wunderschön!


Ich habe ja nur das Café genossen dieses Mal und wusste zuerst gar nicht, dass es eine Porzellan Fabrik ist aber ich schaue es mir sicher bald an. Maybe with you ?!

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Ich habe die Ausstellung schon gesehen. Das schöne Porzellan würde dir sicher auch gut gefallen. Aber vielleicht hast du mal Lust auf eine Kunstausstellung?

Genieß das traumhafte Wetter auf deiner Terrasse! Mir macht leider die Pollenallergie derzeit einen Strich durch die Rechnung. :(


Ojeeeeee!!!! Also Du weißt dass Du jederzeit herzlich bei mir eingeladen bist 🥰

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Danke liebe Silvie! 😘

Hi Mammasitta,
Beautiful photos - thanks for sharing your hometown with us - I love exploring, Vienna looks like an amazing place with many secrets to discover!

Upvoted and resteemed :D


Have you ever been in Vienna before ?
You are always so kind for resteeming 🙏

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Schönes Wien oh schönes Wien :-)

Muss bald wieder hin - jetzt kommt so meine Lieblingszeit wenns blüht^^


Naaaa....Dann her mit Dir! 😋

Ich bin immer noch erstaunt über Wien 😝

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beautiful sky view... thanks for share your content.

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My pleasure to know that you like it

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Lovely photos. That’s nice that you are still discovering your hometown like this. 😘🌈🌴🦋💛🍀

Oh wie schoen. Suess der Mann auf dem Fahrrad im Hintergrund :D


Ich habe noch mehr von dem Typen :) Echt cool vibe indeed

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hope you get to visit the Factory and Museum soon, bet there will be a lot of interesting Porcelain wonders to see and admire... Lovely pictures @mammasitta :)

I don't know if these pictures are iPhone taken. My goodness they're magnificent without a doubt, never been out of Africa really you can imagine me relishing how fine this place is.


Yes! Iphone8 but I use my Hipstamatic vintage camera app with different films you can choose from like it would be a real camera. europe is so damn Posh . I hope one day I can come and visit Africa!

Love the story, the pictures, the place..its lovely living this experience through your eyes....thanks for sharing

Charming and special place to visit for sure : )


Danke schon ! 😘

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