Banh Mi: It's good, it's cheap, it's everywhere

2개월 전

Well, it is everywhere in Vietnam anyway...Unlike most of the rest of Asia, Vietnam has embraced bread as a staple in their food. Sure there is a lot of rice here as well but it has been my experience that the Vietnamese dining experience is more of a noodles and bread thing.

For foreigners, we probably already like bread a lot so the availability of Bahn Mi, which is basically like a sub sandwich, is probably a pretty welcome addition. It is also available on just about every street corner in any city.


Most places you can get one of these for anywhere between 15 and 30 thousand VND, depending on what you get on it. It's not packed full of meat like a Subway sandwich is, but it's enough to be considered a snack and that is, from what I hear, what most Vietnamese people consider it to be. It can be a bit dry and crunchy though which isn't always what I am looking for but since you are paying less than $1 for it, you can't be too picky.


If you don't speak Vietnamese don't worry about it. I barely speak any of the language and will just walk up to a street stall and put up my finger to indicate that I want one of them and then I just let them do their thing. Since this isn't a country of spicy food, you don't really have to ever worry about the end result being something you can't eat.

No matter where you end up in this country you are probably never far away from a bahn mi. I know that I have eaten plenty of them in the past 3 years to the point where I am kind of sick of it to be honest. But hey, it's a dollar and it fills you up so why not?

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