I spotted Obama delivering gas in Da Nang

2개월 전

Everyone has a doppelganger out there somewhere and I think I just spotted one of the former US President's. I was just chilling with some friends at one of my favorite outdoor watering holes when a guy with a wonderful smile and what appeared to be a great demeanor pulled up to deliver some gas to Section 30.


This isn't the best pic but there are two reasons why that is the case. I normally don't take pictures of people without their permission and my phone doesn't have the best camera on it. I hope you can see the likeness because I only took a couple of shots before one of my more sensitive friends told me that it is not cool to take his picture - which I kind of already knew. My excuse is going to be that it isn't often that you find a dead ringer for someone that looks just like someone as famous as Obama.


I wonder if anyone else has pointed this out to the gas-delivery guy because the real Obama is actually quite popular here still because years ago when visiting Vietnam for some sort of summit he decided to meet Anthony Bourdain for a show he was filming and instead of going to some fancy restaurant they went to a "regular Joe" noodle shop that is something just about anyone could afford.

I'm sure there was plenty of security as you can tell by the watchful eye of that guy behind Obama who is almost surely Secret Service.

Who knows, maybe Obama has had it with the public scrutiny back in America and decided to live a simple life in Da Nang delivery gas cylinders and just staying off the radar. :P

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