Maia pub on the beach: Nice, but too expensive

2개월 전

The beach area in Da Nang is back in full operation and they even added a bunch of new places that in my opinion are a nice addition to the beach-front area here. I'll be going through the various operations one by one but today I want to focus on the first one I went to that is called Maia.


This place and the others like it didn't exist pre-Covid and I guess it is nice to see them there. The nice thing is that if you don't want to sit at these places you don't have to. Deck chairs and nearly the same price as the minimart drinks are available all around it. But if you want to have a sit-down in Maia, you are going to be paying 3 and half times what drinks cost elsewhere.


I suppose this is because of the fact that this real-estate must cost a lot. I don't have any idea but I presume given that it is literally on the beach that this is why. Generally speaking a block away from here further inland you can expect to pay around 20 to 25 thousand for a beer. Have a look at their menu.


I like a good view as much as the next guy and there is nothing wrong with an ocean breeze either. I don't particularly like being ripped off though and these prices are a bit outrageous in my mind. I could understand if they wanted to charge something like 35 or 40 but charging 3 times what it costs on the other side of the road is not cool.


They did have a fun east coast game called "cornhole" here that you can play for free but for the most part it was too hot to really enjoy this. I was dripping with sweat after just one game and it took me a long time to cool down because the ocean was not cooperating in its obligation to produce a breeze.

So I guess you could say that I am happy that they opened these places but you might notice in my pictures that there is a distinct lack of people inside of it. I'm quite certain this is due at least in part to the fact that they are seriously overcharging for their drinks. I don't fault them for this - it is probably necessary. If you want to enjoy the view and have a drink or two, I suppose you could do worse than Maia but if you are looking for a long-term session this bar is going to cost you a lot more than it should.

Their semi-incorrect location is HERE although you should note it is actually across the street on the beach.

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