The street reconstruction continues in Da Nang

2개월 전

We have an ongoing joke here at the beaches of the popular tourist getaway of Da Nang that "this is a wonderful city, it'll be even better once they are finished building it." The problem is they are never going to be finished building it. Whenever one construction project ends, another one pops up right next to it. Streets that don't appear to have anything wrong with them are routinely torn up and resurfaced, and buildings are torn down only to have another, nearly identical building put back it its place. To me it seems like there is probably some money laundering going on here because most of these projects seem completely unnecessary and of course, they result in constant noise which is a real blemish about living in this otherwise wonderful part of the world.

I got to be up close and personal with some of the street resurfacing that is next to one of my favorite restaurants the other day, and thankfully it was the kind that didn't involved many power tools.


A team of men have a really efficient system going on here although from the end of the road it appears to be chaos. Each individual brick is hand-places after the workers lay down a "flat enough" base for it all. To me it seems like they are jut eye-balling it and I suppose we'll find out in a couple of years if they have actually done this correctly. I didn't see a great deal of actual mortar or cement going into the process, so I would imagine that some of these bricks would easily become dislodged at some point in the future. I think this is almost guaranteed since when this road does open back up, it will be open to car and bus traffic as well as pedestrians.


I should maybe stop complaining about how hot it is whenever I see these men at work. They are dressed head to tow in full clothing and are in the sun all day. I am at a restaurant with a cool drink in my hand and a fan pointing directly at me while I sit with shorts and flip flops on. I'm sure they are absolutely roasting in their outfits.

I was impressed with their efficiency and every member of the team seemed to have a very specific job with just a couple of the men actually placing the stones in their slots. There didn't appear to be any real measurement going on but I did notice at one point they had "drop lines" to insure that the bricks all get placed in a straight line. I could see how this entire project could go terribly wrong if they didn't do this.

Lunch turned into beers and we were here for around 3 hours. In that time these guys completed a 3 meter by 40 meter section of the bricks and considering that there was no heavy equipment used, I gotta say that I was pretty impressed with their coordination and teamwork. Could this be accomplished faster using other tools? Probably. In the meantime I'll just leave the work to the professionals and hope these guys can get a day off to chill out in the shade. I'm not going to complain about my job anymore because I can't even imagine what it is like to stand in the sun like that all day long.

I could talk about how I don't understand why they didn't do this work over the past 2 years when the city and the country was closed to outside visitors though. That was pretty poor planning. Now that tourism is back in full swing people are arriving to streets in chaos with construction stuff all over the place and of course a bunch of noise. I look forward to the day that they finish this but like I said, they'll just start on something else afterwards.

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