Hello from Da Nang

3년 전


I've been gone for a while, traveling the world and doing amazing things. I've now settled in the wonderful town of Da Nang, Vietnam. The bridge you see is REAL. It's shaped like a dragon and breathes fire every night on the weekends.

What am I up to?

Well, I bought a coffee shop and now I'm holding Crypto meetup and working with other digital nomads.

Drop me a line if you are in vietnam!

I'm putting together regular meetups for those building businesses online, cryto traders and investors, etc. Some of those meetings I'll be posting here!

Bringing steemit to vietnam, again

I'm holding my first crypto meetup this coming wednesday at SIX ON SIX coffee shop at 2pm. There, I'll be going over all the different types of crypto (lots of noobs) and introducing them to steemit. I would LOVE to see other steemians there to help spread the word.

Peace out


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We were couple of days in Da Nang last year., highlight was seeing those rare monkeys. BUT we weren't there over the weekend, so we missed the dragon show :(

We spent a total of 6 month in Vietnam and loved it. Fell free to join our Digital Nomads group on Discord via the link in our BIO. Would be great to connect.


Fantastic! let me know if you come over to my area.

Wow that's awesome, how hard was it to buy a business as a foreigner?


My fiance is vietnamese so super easy, but even a foreigner can do it. It's just a pain and it has worse taxation.

That bridge looks great, happy those who are in Vietnam and can go to your meetup ;)

this view is stunning, stay safe and keep posting

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