Viewly Offline? Anyone else having problems uploading video posts?

4년 전

Viewly Offline.jpg

Shoutout to fellow Steemians and those developers who may know.

Is completely inaccessible for now? I have been trying to both
(a) access the web address and also
(b) play the posts I previously made

For over 24 hours now I have had zero success. When I checked with other Steemians posts made on/for I noticed the same thing happening, but yet when I checked "Hot" and "Trending" and "New" post categories,
I cannot find any one else posting about this.

I know is still "alpha". Is this the problem?

Also, I notice DTUbe is considerably slower today, especially in last few hours. Some posts fail to upload, others show huge lag time. I have used 4 different pieces of hardware to ensure it is just not my laptop, I used an iPhone, iPad, MacBook and Windows laptop. Same problems on all four.

I do not wish to "whinge" or sound complaining, both of these new developments have completely revitalized my interest in posting and of Steemit.

I just don't want to keep trying to make posts if the "system" is presently down.

If anyone can help or make an announcement, that would be awesome.

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Viewly is backed by Steem, if Steem is up the Viewly data is available, regardless of the web domain status. Check out @useruploads for most Viewly content. The IPFS is what should store most of the data in the event Viewly goes down.


Thank you very much for this information @luke490 I greatly appreciate it!

Ok, I'm guessing because I am such a little minnow that bigger fish don't even see my posts yet, but that is cool, I'll just keep swimming away down here, chomping on all the seagrass until I get a bit bigger, just doing my thing. .. and with a whish of my tail I'm off :)

Yes, its not being super reliable, too many people uploading at same time


Thank you for confirming this @heimindanger I had a feeling it was probably something along those lines.


Hi, I love what you have achieved; I wouldn't mind helping to work on this with you if you need any help. I can program anything, I am just not well versed in programming steem yet. I guess the reliability and speed would improve with the more IPFS servers that are available.

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