Beware of impostors and scams trying to mimic Viewly

3년 전

We have noticed a recently created Russian copycat of Viewly, sneakily named Viuly. At first, we found it funny, but soon the frightening realization set in - some people will unfortunately fall for it.

We believe the impostor is trying to capitalize on the upcoming token sale, by confusing the newcomers and/or taking advantage of people that hear about Viewly sale, but miss it.

Where can I find the real Viewly?

Which sites are not related to Viewly


* is not fraudulent, they just don't want to sell their domain at this time.

We expect more sites to pop up, some of them more obviously fake (ie. direct copies of the website), as Viewly gains traction. We will keep this list up to date on our blog. If you find an impostor or misleading site, please let us know.

Be vigilant, stay safe. - Viewly Team


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It's awful that we have to contend with scammers like this so early on. Resteemed and I'll make a seperate post as well.


Thank you :)

Hi Furion,

Thank you for sharing such important information.

BTW: I suggest you remove links to these fraudulent sites,to avoid the user click and visit them by mistake. 😱


Good advice, updated.

Thanks for clarification, I saw some news on yahoo and was wondering if that was actually you or not. Looks like another money-grab to me, with impossible features.

yes , I have already checked that website . After seeing message on telegram .
Even website design is kind of similar as viewly ! LOL

Thanks for your call furion. Resteemed to pass the voice

Gosh I dislike these scammers so much @furion

@furion - thanks for alerting us - this is so not on - have resteemed

Good spotting @furion - have upvoted and resteemed your post

  ·  3년 전

Scammers are everywhere. Thanks for sharing on this site anywayz

Thanks for the heads up. Sad that people don't hesitate lose their integrity when it comes to money.

is there a possibility to meet you at steemit chat or in a discord group ? I would have some questions...

Same thing for the Steemit impostors. I clicked a link recently on a post that promised a good trick to make money on steemit. You were then redirected to a website that looked exactly like steemit and then you were asked to log-in... I think you could guess where I'm going with this...

Obviously I didn't do it, but people will fall for it. I'm not sure if that's a bad thing though, as people who are that stupid probably deserved it.


do you remember the site name?


Well, it was like or something, I'll try looking it up later today. It's not, but something like it, if I remember it correctly.


It's down now though, I see.

@furion do you mind if I share this post on my personal blog? It's off-site I don't mean resteem, I'll run the first paragraph and link back to your STEEMIT post here. Sound cool?


Sounds great to me, thank you :)


Sure anytime and thank you.


All Done, Is there somewhere private I can send you a link? I wouldn't mind doing this for more posts in the future.


you can find me on Telegram, @theFurion


I have no idea what Telegram is lol. My bad, No FB or Twitter?

May try this. Nice post my friend

very helpful with notice that there is a copy of Viewly. thank you

Annoying when people do that. Upvoted and resteemed.

Thanks for sharing i need your upvote my blog Mr @furion

Thx, good work @furion
There are others like him?

YEah. that is fuck. i have seen it on tweeter i reply a post on viuly . but then a reply came in to say that is scam that is fuck. i have corrected them that i have seen it and i see the developement progress on
good job furion.

Very informative post. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Very informative post. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Scammers are everywhere. Thanks for sharing on this site anywayz

very helpful with notice that there is a copy of Viewly. thank you

thank for your great information and post.

Everyone keep your script- and adblockers running and no clickety on anything you're not certain is the real thing.

Thanks for the headsup @furion

Thank you for this post. Very on point. I will not have known.

Thanks for the information. Resteemed and Followed! :)

Gotta keep your eyes open out there. Upvoted and resteemed..

Hi @furion indeed this is good news of scammers who are trying to copy and paste newly by using a similar name viuly perhaps to all the steemians me included let's us stay safe and be aware of scammers on this site otherwise be safe,@furion thank you for your post and keep on posting such good content stuff on Steemit.

Thanks @furion for warn us!! Have resteemed..

As Steem Gains Value and Attention (like now), the scams will be more frequent and more aggressive.

Stay safe, steemians! Good looking out @furion

Thanks for the heads up. Ive been on the website many times trying to do my research.

Why don't you work on the DTube project instead of creating a new one?

Thank you for updating us, @furion
Resteeming this 👍