Viewly Pre-ICO is starting soon, please follow the security precautions

3년 전


Viewly Token Sale is starting in less than an hour.

Pre-ICO Details

Minimum cap: 1,000 ETH
Maximum cap: 4,000 ETH
Start time: 3PM UTC, October 5th.
End time: 3PM UTC, October 12th. (7 days)
Total supply of the tokens: 100,000,000 VIEW tokens (100 Million)
Amount of tokens sold during the pre-ICO: 10,000,000 VIEW tokens (10%)
VIEW price with max bonus: 0.000374 ETH
VIEW price (without bonus): 0.000430 ETH


The Viewly token sale smart contract features token bonus that will reward early contributors. The token bonus will start at 15% at the beginning of sale. As more funds are received, bonus will gradually decrease, hitting 0% when funding cap is reached. Therefore the last token sold will be 15% more expensive than the first token sold at the sale.

The implication of the bonus is the rising price of VIEW tokens as the sale progresses.


VIEW token is an ERC-20 token on Ethereum.
Contributors will receive VIEW tokens to their wallets immediately after their contribution, however the tokens will remain iliquid until after the main ICO ends.
We invite you to check the smart contract code in our GitHub repository.

Address Verification

The Ethereum address at which the Token Sale contract is located is:

Screenshot from 2017-10-05 16-16-24.png
The address in this image is for verification purposes only. The address should match the one displayed on If the addresses do not match, DO NOT SEND ANY ETH TO EITHER ADDRESS.

Double Check the address

Please make sure that the crowdsale page is hosted on

Do not send ETH directly from the exchanges

Only use the Ethereum wallets for which you have the private key. Sending ETH from a smart contract wallet or 3rd party wallet will result in the loss of funds.

If you're not sure as to how to participate in the sale, please check out our tutorial.

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So you got thousands of dollars in upvotes for viewly and then you take those funds for a platform that is not even going to be built on top of steem? That's sneaky.


Steem already has dtube, so Viewly's pivot into a new direction shouldn't have any negative impact on Steem.


not that great of an excuse. Dtube is a one man thing at this point, not a serious project with a team behind it.


It is a large challenge that can not be tackled by a lone warrior. I am very grateful for my team, and the wonderful community supporting the Viewly project.

Thank you :)


Is there a possibility you leverage the new SMTs upgrade from steem in any way? Would that be somehow possible to combine with your new business plan?


Yes, I think there is, especially if SMT's capabilities evolve with future HFs.


Thanks for that,,, not too complex! Should have just run over to the GitHub in the first place all tokens accounted for!


Lots of promises but the alpha of viewly currently isn't even 3% of dtube so it looks like a fall behind. Too many questions and delays and the photos doesn’t even look like the alpha. It’s misleading. It looks currently as no originality at all. No listing on exchanges but yet people invest their hard earned money. I also don’t see how regulars would adopt it since dtube is doing so well at the moment.

Too many questions of how the VIEW system would work it seems like nobody knows. Reminds me about the APPICS failure project. Looks like there has been no planning involved at all. Usually the projects that needs massive money tend to fall behind a lot in delivering a good product. dtube one french comes in and rule the world in video. It’s the yes men effect that cause people to forget the real work. I don't see a passion in this project to scale it or get mainstream attention. If I saw a product that looked like the photos sure perhaps it would have some potential.


I really don't see a problem there. Viewly was never claimed to be built on top of the steem blockchain. So it shouldn't be sneaky. The people who upvoted on viewly posts were made aware of that beforehand.


I thought I should write this article as a typical 90 birthday. (I did not envy Ozan's Amiga scripts, of course, why do I envy now?)

Yes, sir, let's get back to your position. We can say that the 90's have experienced one of the golden age of video games. With the transition from 8 bit games to 16 bit games, a new era has almost begun. So, like 1993, the 32 Bit games have been on the market and they have been fascinated.

And of course we were arriving a bit late in Turkey in this kind of system. Both our economical situation and the era of handicapping Americans playing 32 bit games, we were still convicted of 8-bit games. It was also provided by the Micro Genius company, which produces the Nintendo NES clone in our country. I'm talking about 150,000 cassette tapes that all of us will remember. The placement of these as an atari is also a separate event.
Perhaps every 90-year-old kid bought a Micro Genius to cry over his house and often occupied home television. Of course, at that time all over the country, such as today's internet cafeleri "Atari Hall" furyasını need to pass. These places, which are opened by various names ("Fame City", "Dreamland" etc.), are described by the families as a sins of the children and when you get inside, you encounter the money-trapping machines and "Are you going to sleep?" These saloons are finished as the attendants enter the houses and the prices become very cheap. At present, we can see most of these game machines in shopping malls.
Obviously I do not want to get too involved with Atari and 8-bit games. My main issue is a new era with 16 and 32-bit game consoles.

PlayStation 1 has been on the market for quite some time since 1994. Obviously, for the first time I could see PlayStation in 1997. There are children who probably go to other countries and call them home three days a week to get in the way of buyers and friends, but none of them were among my friends.

When Micro Genius did not taste anymore and did not play a new game, we met with a big question;

Should I take Game Boy? Or is it Sega?

I used my first chance for Game Boy. Then the big pressure from my parents was to give it back and bring the Sega Mega Drive 2 home. Do you regret it? No. Because the Sega Mega Drive 2 was a real joy machine with 16-bit gaming experience.
The Sega Mega Drive series, which was sold in other countries under the name of Sega Genesis, seemed more charismatic than other gaming machines. Once the cartridges were no longer made up like an athlete, they were sold in boxes like VHS tapes. I can still remember that plastic smell in that box. Because every box we bought was like a gold bullion for us.

Over time, Sega drove two advanced models onto Mega Drive. The biggest differences between these devices that run all Mega Drive games are as follows:

Mega Drive: The only device with stereo sound setting on it. Hacking, overclocking is pretty simple. The best sound output was also in this device.

Mega Drive 2: Simplified and minimized version. In this model, A / V output is placed behind the unit. No voice control.

Mega Drive 3: Simpler and smaller model. There is not a big difference.
I would like to list the top 20 games I played with Sega Mega Drive.

1- Contra: Hard Corps
It's one of Konami's best games. I just can not get myself to say that it is done today. There's no need to play co-op.

2- Sonic The Hedgehog 2 ve 3
Sonic's room is separate. I can say that it is the PC game I bought the first time as well as having played thousands of times since my childhood has been effective in taking this place. It is undeniable that Sega is one of the most charismatic characters.

3- Shadowrun
I can say the most successful game BlueSky has done. SNES version transferred to Genesis.

4- Pirates Gold!
It's one of the games that Sid Meier made for the first time. Everything you can expect from the open world piracy game is in this game.

5- Dune II: Battle for Arrakis
Now when we call Dune, the running water stops. Also, when I come to PC games, the Dune series I will examine is an obvious example of how Westwood came to today.

6- Disney’s Aladdin
It was a very successful game that Disney added to Sega. He's one of them in Aladdin. Especially animations are among the best in the era. I have the same game, Game Boy, for a long time without boredom.

7- Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
Our abundant bloody fighting game is one of the games that makes Mortal Kombat a legend.

8- Road Rash 2
The action-packed racing game Road Rash's second game. Game Boy is also a favorite of the game. The lion's approach is a reduction, my pity.

9- Syndicate
Bullfrog Cyber-Punk game. The isometric action was among the best in the strategy game period.

10 – TMNT: The Hyperstone Heist
Ninja Turtles are talking about the times when good games were made.

11- Batman
Tim Burton's 1989 Batman-style game was the best Batman game for Mega Drive.

12- Out Run
The game in the LOTUS consistency was one of the best car races of Sega Mega Drive.

13- Lion King
Imagine a Disney movie where "Filmin game gets bad" is not real.

14- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
At that time, all of us sat and watched Power Rangers like we were crazy, when we bought their toys.

15- Dahna: Megami Tanjou
In our country they sold this game's hacking under the name of Hercules

16- The Jungle Book
One of Disney's successful adaptations. Mogli is crazy.

17- Toy Story
The Toy Story was among the games I liked to play this game with.

18- Asterix and the Power of the Gods
Asterix and Obelix fix me up at the top of Sega.

19- Animaniacs
Although the game of Animaniacs is very unknown, it was a game I loved quite a lot.

20- Aaahh!!! Real Monsters
Aaahh from Nickelodeon's legendary cartoons !!! Real Monsters successfully adapted to Mega Drive.

International Superstar Soccer Deluxe
I did not want to include this game in the queue. Because I do not want to list this game. We can call Pro Evolution Soccer and Winning Eleven as the basis for this soccer game in which Turkey is also included.
I end this article with Sega Mega Drive / Genesis games. In the next article I will be entering Game Boy.

What are your legendary Sega games from your mind?
Follow me Pls.. THANKS.

Just grabbed some myself at 9% bonus, these are going fast! Good work. The ICO will end prior to the countdown, that's for sure.

I'm having trouble adding the custom token to MyEtherWallet

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 12.36.52 PM.png

I thought I had this right but I might as well ask: What is the appropriate Address, Token Symbol, & Decimals?


Our contract system is a bit complex, the ERC-20 is available at:


Thanks for that, not too complex! Should have just run over to the GitHub in the first place 🤓 all tokens accounted for!


We only published the pre-ico sale contract, but we have a system of multiple contracts and a sale manager. This gives us a lot of flexibility for mechanics of future sales, as well as for implementation of basic governance structures.


You kinda exit scammed lol


I had the same problem, nearly shat myself because I thought I lost 10 dollars worth of eth.
But now that I've seen the balance I am relieved (pun intended)


Yes glad to see the balance. I have a bit more then that invested 😉 shitting myself would have been a bit of a understatement 😅

Hi there.

I actually joined this project ICO tonight SOLELY because I saw your name involved @furion. I trust you.

I am not an IT guy.

I read all the paperwork, etc etc --- and sent my Ether over via my EXODUS wallet since I did not want to create another one, and feel for a year, I have enough wallets in my life.

It said join Telegram for help but the LSS --- I cannot join. I tried.

Can you help me / steemit chat or by email contact me --- to figure out how to find/unlock my tokens in my EXODUS wallet?

It said the 3 on the site were best but most wallets are fine but need extra steps and Exodus is a trusted wallet for me -- and lots of wallets out there.

I stayed up stupid late with my health issues here, to try and figure all this out.... then came to find you here LOL.

Thanks a lot, BD

Hey @furion , what happened to site it shows me this !!

Wow, this looks like a great ICO.
Great to see that Steemians can come up with something that is not junk.
I think Viewly will be a success. I am buying :)

2 minutes to go until the Pre-ICO is live!

The idea of a decentralized media library is fantastic though the timing for me funds wise kinda sucks.

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nice post ...

Finally some news about this!... Been waiting patiently for some updates on viewly!

very cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks for the information @furion

I love the dark theme, keep up the great work ;)

Regulations can't hold us down!

The site states the following "Recommended gas limit: 150.000"

Their own tutorial at
states the following:

"A word about gas limit: If you don’t know what this is, then don’t worry about it. You will be fine by using default gas limit automatically set by your wallet ..."

So it is not surprising that many transactions are failing due to being "out of gas"

great work ! upvoted ,follow you and Resteem @furion

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I like you have a post

seems cool I don't do much video just post photos. thanks for your contribution to the chrome extension for steemit I used it's features to help make steemit work better for me.

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Oh wow, ok - I totally missed this - too many posts in my feed! I'll check it out in more detail.

btw, I just launched a witness campaign for Steemit and noticed that two of the witnesses you are voting for are inactive (roadscape and witness.svk). I have a pretty high capacity server, plus a lot of professional experience with software/hardware - I'd really appreciate if you would consider voting for me to give me a chance to serve the community as best I can.
My witness application is here. Cheers!

Useful info

I made a simple review for Viewly yesterday. Hope you'll find a second to check it out. Nice meeting you at the Steemfest :)