Update and some Tetris

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Update and some Tetris

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I stopped posting because of university and my social life. I used steemit to as a type of motivator for my arts and projects and a way to pass time. I was never too preoccupied with the financial aspect, it was really reward in the achievement/positive feedback sort of way. I'm doing great in life currently and simply didn't have the desire to post anything even though I had the materials for a couple really cool posts. Uni is becoming a bit more relaxed recently and I'm doing pretty well at it but I still want to share my projects sometimes. A relaxing tetris stream seems like a great way to get me back into the groove. I'm trying a new keyboard tracking layout which I think is pretty cool, has all important keys for the game. Expect an origami post pretty soon and maybe some other stuiff I've been into recently. Have a nice day :)

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Great to see you here again @ivan-g and happy to hear uni and life is doing great for you. Live happy :)

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Great to see you too, thank you :D

All the best in your studies, @ivan-g - great to see your post :D


Thank you :D

Welcome back! Hope your studies are going well!


Thanks, they're going great