Home Alone! Let's talk! *playback* Condensed.

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After much todo about nothing, I did end up live streaming. The video below is a very condensed version of the live stream.

In the video, I talk a bit about flagging because this post received a flag.

I look 90 years old in the video. After I watched the playback I ordered some E.L.F. makeup, which is about 2.00 per item, from Walmart. 😺

Walmart really does a great job with their "pre-order your groceries and pick up the next day." deal they run each day. Other than clothes, I have not come across anything you can not put on your grocery list. You don't have to tip anyone. They bring your order all bagged up, put it in your car, and off you go. All you have to do is drive home and get it in the house. Win! Win! in my book.

Tomorrow night we might have to do a bit of a 'before and after test' to see if I can get my age too around 60? I don't think that is asking too much from 2.00 make-up, do you? 😹


Help someone smile today. It can not hurt you.





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I think this gif says it all!



I don't blame (2 dollar makeup) you in Florida the make up literally melts off your face. Lol I'm going to probly be there in the summer which sucks.

The necklace looked nice!!! Why you take it off! Yes, everybody is going through something. The world is changing. Wtf who downvoted you? Why? I dont get it. How do I know if ive been down voted? Right? Whatever happened to conversation and understanding. I think if someone downvotes they should say why. Our society is going down people dont care at all. They only think of themselves and they dont think in other peoples perspective enough. The world was such a better place, its just shit. But we are living the last of the fake freedom.


Yeah, enough of everyone going through so much.....

we all need a little rest!!

Loving the blue hair