[Dev Blog] New wallet, Gems & VIMM Power, Your Feedback

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We recently released a major upgrade for the UI and now, we're enabling new features for Gems that we're excited to tell you about.

Staking & Proof of Brain

With staking & scotbot enabled, Gems are now rewarded for authors and curators 7 days after the creation of a post just like regular STEEM rewards. Similar to STEEM Power, VIMM Power is acquired by staking Gems (VIMM) and will allow you to earn more on curation rewards and increase your influence over Gem (VIMM) payouts.

The Differences

Author vs Curation Rewards

To strike a good balance between rewarding streamers and having an incentive for organic curation, we are going with a 70/30 (author/curation) split on Gem (VIMM) rewards.

Reward Pool

1 Gem (VIMM) is added to the reward pool every 1024 blocks (roughly 3072 seconds).

Post Eligibility

For a post to be eligible to receive Gems (VIMM), it needs to have the vimmtv tag and receive upvotes from users with VIMM Power (staked VIMM).

Buying/Spending/Selling Gems


Like any SE tokens, Gems can be traded on the decentralized exchange at any time.

The Currency

We will be accepting Gems (VIMM) as a favored payment method for various premium features for streamers. Viewers are also able to donate their Gems, pay for perks, or stake them to increase the value of their vote.

Buying Gems

Gems (VIMM) can be purchased directly from @vimm. Currently, they can be purchased with Steem, but we will be adding other payment methods soon. Gems (VIMM) will always be worth $1 USD when buying from @vimm. To purchase gems, send at least 1 Steem to @vimm with the memo gem_buy_op.

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These sound like good improvements. One of the things DLive did right is making the on-boarding of new users as easy as can be which I think is the right way to go, and Vimm should also focus on that as much as possible. Perhaps something like Dtube where Vimm has its own blockchain but is still connected to Steem so new users don't have to worry about the complexity of Steem if they don't want to while Steem users can continue to take advantage of Steem.

Another nice improvement would be the ability to set a thumbnail of a stream from the Vimm dashboard if the streamer wants to.

Now we just need more people to actually start watching streams on Vimm.


Thank you for your comment @retrocommodore!

I agree with the thumbnail suggestion. We currently use what is shown as the offline image of the user's channel (can be set under user settings) as a thumbnail for steem posts. We'll add a post thumbnail field to the dashboard to give the user more control over how their post looks on other front ends.

When it comes to onboarding, new users can already use all the features of VIMM, except for steem based features (voting, getting rewards, etc.) and can link a steem account to their existing VIMM channel later. I'm also happy to say we have plans to bring an easier way to create steem accounts for everyone, we just need to get the verification process hammered out before we move forward with this one.


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