What You Need To Succeed In Life : 4 C'S OF SUCCESS.

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Success brings a lot of happiness to any individual due to the fact that preparations or efforts yields maximum results, success spans across areas of our pursuit in life such as career, finance, relationship, skill and other areas associated with growth in our individual life, the thing about success is that it speaks boldly for itself it can never be hidden or denied, for instance we all love to take mentor-ship advice from successful business men and women, preachers, role models to give us great insights towards career advancement.

The purpose of this article is to guide us towards the simple things we need to start doing to achieve success, having plans is not just enough to attain the desired success we truly want, the following are ways we can actually achieve more from life and become successful with what we do.


  1. CLARITY : The word clarity is defined as a quality that is easy to understand linking this to the first step to achieve success the emphasis is on understanding purpose and direction of action plans needed to activate success, for instance a footballer who aspires to be the best player ever in the word must know what it takes to be unbeatable in all the areas of his career such as physical fitness, game intelligence, technique and other areas needed for success, to be the best clearly understand what it takes to achieve success in all the areas of a particular endeavour.

  2. COMMITMENT: The next step to success is commitment, once there is an understanding of all that must be done towards attainment of success unfailing dedication and responsibility towards all the required activities must be seriously adhered to, for instance to became a music Maestro several hours of continuous practice is required to attain the needed training for success, a whole lot is needed to commit to a certain cause needed for success in this step a lot of hard work, sweat, sacrifice, learning and endless pursuit is given to taste the sweetness of success in a particular area of life.

  3. CONFIDENCE: this is the belief to trust you are on the right path, it is really difficult to find successful business people not aware or sure of their strategies or decisions they are truly unshakable in their thinking they never doubt their methods or business processes that is a step towards successful results being doubtless in your ability to succeed, trust is a language of success for instance politicians who win elections believed in themselves to be the best among other candidates that is why they can convince anyone to vote for them as the best candidate because they believe in their abilities to deliver.

  4. COMPETENCE: Building capacity and proficiency would undeniably position anyone for outstanding performance in any area of field, to be a successful A-student it is the process of studying to have the best results, if possible having all top score in all the subjects offered in a particular semester, here the end result for competence for an A-student is recognition as the best student, to achieve true success build your capacity become very competent in your career and everyone would love to associate with you or emulate successful principles from the winning side.

Finally success is what we need to aspire for in our everyday life, please keep following @Klassic and make sure you upvote, resteem and let us create more contents here on steemit for personal development and career growth.

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