Cold Storage/Backup of private keys on VINYL records, could it work?

3년 전

A little SHA512 hashed file with a library of private keys encrypted with AES and stored on a vinyl record, could that work? The scenario is a worst case one, where that is the only solution.


So I asked some techy steemians if that was possible and how would the procedure be and what would it cost?

Well, the cost is rather expensive all new, about $4000 all in all plus empty records. But if it really works, one could make it a business offering cold storage vinyl records for others around the world and by doing that break even an maybe even profit well.

So the theoretical solution I have got so far is this:

  • First, you use some software to encrypt your file containing your important data.
  • Second, you use steganography tools to embed the file into an audio clip.
  • Third, you turn the audio clip into vinyl.
  • Hide it in plain sight as the wall decoration or part of a small or large vinyl stack.

To extract the data back again

  • hook the audio output of the vinyl player to your microphone/line input on the computer.
  • Use software to record the audio.
  • Use the same steganography tools to decode the file back.
  • And then you can use the encryption program you used to decrypt your file and get access to all of your data.

Is there anyone else who has a solution or maybe the equipment needed to do it in on a recent video would be awesome.

Thanks for reading, and keep on steeming on!!

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I think 4K is way too expensive and there's always other ways around it and you came up with a solution fast. I wish i knew how to help you :/ maybe you can teach us once you find out


about 4K, yes it is expensive - but that is for new equipment.
There must be some good deals on second hand. equipment.


hey fyrstikken... several steemians have not been aware that you shut down booster permanently and sent you steem.. including me... how can you be contacted?
When will you process the refunds? This happened now already 7 days ago...


come on..
we really need an answer

Perhaps if it were placed on a Voyager-type craft and launched into space my holdings would finally moon!
In seriousness, it could be a reasonable option for whales. It is a good, safe and rather ingenious way to create a wallet. Maybe you have discovered a niche business model.
Throw it in an After the Gold Rush cover or something and you are good. Vinyl is retro after all.


yeah, super retro, but oh, so cool :)