Virtual Busking - Those Glades Above Us


I've decided that I'm double posting on Hive and Steem until the transition is complete, soon I will only be using Hive! Long live decentralisation!

Here is an improvisation using the loop pedal, violin and guitar. It is in La Pentatonic Minor in a traditional 7/8 rhythm. Much like Tatar music. Here's a video I did with a friend in Izmir, Turkey a while back, he plays Tatar music which is a region in the south of Russia previously occupied by Turkey.

You can find an article on my violin which I converted into a traditional like instrument similar to a Bulgarian gadulka or a Cretan Lyra

The Artwork behind me is by Amanda Forward of Fremantle

You can support me and my musical projects online at

Find this track and more on Soundcloud -

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