ADSactly Virtual Reality - Top 7 PlayStation VR Games You Should Try: Headset On!

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Top 7 PlayStation VR Games You Should Try: Headset On!


If you’re a fan of Virtual Reality and you hold a PSVR, then this post is for you as we’re going to tell you all about the titles you should look for to really take advantage of this new technology. Get transported to magical worlds and life epic adventures from the comfort of your home by jumping on these virtual universes. We’ve covered different styles as well, so there’s something for everyone and you can try a bit of each flavor. Finally, note that the list is in no particular order, as the games mentioned are all worth a try and very different from each other so we couldn’t possibly compare them. Finally, know that while some people enjoy VR to its fullest, there are also other gamers who get nausea when playing for extended periods of time, therefore the old adage of resting 10 minutes between every hour of play holds truer than ever.


EVE: Valkyrie – VR Space Simulation Game

Eve: Valkyrie is a title you simply shouldn’t miss if you’re a fan of space combat, space shooters or even Space Operas. You can play it alone or with friends, and the Playstation VR headset will carry you to the cockpit of the most amazing ships. You can look around you freely and use that feature to track enemies. As a fan of Star Wars and Mass Effect, I really enjoyed my time with this game, and is certainly one of the games that stole the most hours from me as it is addicting and beautiful to play in. Of course things get better with friends working alongside you… or having that little friendly dogfight.


The Brookhaven Experiment: Psychological Horror, Forget Jumpscares!

When you consider VR games that tackle the horror genre, most have you jumping in fear with those quick and unexpected jumpscare moments. Well, you can forget about that with the Brookhaven Experiment since it has a nightmarish feel that just won’t leave you comfortable. Heck, you’ll find yourself taking off the headset from time to time just to feel anchored to the real world and to look behind you to make sure nobody is there. The game has a dark atmosphere and can be played to its fullest when you’re using the MOVE controllers.


Arizona Sunshine: Put On Your Headset and Kill Some Zombies!

You can use the Playstation Move or the PlayStation Aim to have a better time killing zombies in the well made world of Arizona Sunshine. The single player campaign wasn’t meant to play in full blown gaming sessions of over 3 hours, but for short amounts of time in between busy schedules, so if you don’t have a lot of free time to play, then this is a game for you. You’ll be playing in Southwest America, and your mission is simple – Survive and find other survivors, don’t let the Zeds eat your brains.


Statik: A Brain Game with Character

If you’re a lover of puzzle games and exotic ambients, then you should check this game as it is challenging and yet keeps things enticing as it succeeds in not being boring. If you played Portal, then you’re related with the cheesy humor (or is it refined? Depends on who you ask). Playstation VR manages to make the difference as it transports you inside this world, with polished artwork and a sleek feel with amazing graphics. You can easilly see the love that was poured onto it by its makers, and you’ll be immersed as you go from one puzzle to another.


Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes: You Knew This One Was Coming!

You knew this one was coming… in fact, it’s a game that was designed to be enjoyed in VR so no wonder it is so good. “Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes” is a party game that will have you and your friends laughing as the poor guy in the VR headset has no information and a bomb on its hands. The people “outside” have to go through the instructions on how to defuse several kinds of bombs in order to teach the VR player how to do it. The coundown never stops and builds up pressure. Levels go up in difficulty with time and fun is sure to be had.


Skyrim VR: Live the Legend Again!

Skyrim was one of everyone’s favorite games, and people would get lost in it so much there are thousands of cases on where people would never even finish the main history, even when they would spend hundreds of hours inside the game. Having said that, Playstation VR now gives you the chance of a lifetime to really live in that story, to really enjoy that world, and to do it so in a truly immersive way. You can dual wield spells, walk around the frigid Skyrim region, drink your mead and spend a night at the tavern. What is there not to like?


Rec Room: A Huge Recreation Room for the VR System!

Well, this title could be considered cheating because it is more like a bundle of different games, but the truth is it rocks! When you wear your headset and start playing, you’ll instantly be taken to a recreation roomwhere you can chat and meet people, play ping pong, hang out and more.The doors take you to a mini game, and each door is a different one so you have a lot of them to try so you’ll never be bored. Multiplayer with friends enhances the experience making it even more worth it.

As you can see, there are a lot of great titles out there that you have to try out. From killing zombies in the US, to commanding a fleet of spaceships in outter space, there’s a lot of choice out there for the Virtual Reality adventurer. On the other hand, you can rest assured there is always a place for you next to the hearth in your favorite tavern in the world of Skyrim.

Do you agree with our choices? Do you have any other games to suggest? If so, let us know down in the comments section and we’ll take a look. All in all, virtual reality is a great boon for the gaming world, so we’re sure there are a lot of other titles out there that are worth checking out.

Authored by @spiritualmax

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We accept the flag, as images from gameplay are missing, indeed! It is our job to post good content and we maybe failed in this particular instance. Thank you for letting us know that there was a mistake.

We, as a society of almost 3000 members do not accept being called "circle jerk" because it would mean that every group of people can be called that way. But we like your joke!

Have a great day!


The irony. Calls you circle jerk, then self-votes. LOL

The only thing I wish would change with the PlayStation Vr - is the fact that only one person can participate at once.. maybe my wife wants to put on a headset and watch or grab a controller and play also. There’s no way to do that right now without two machines/ setups. Anyways other than that- it’s all pretty sick


Nice to see you around here as well theessential.
Thanks for adding to the discussion to this article of mine. I agree that PSVR is a bit limited.
But just you wait when the next gen VR gadgets pop up.

Then we'll be truly immersed!


Oh it’s gonna be awesome man...Espcially with a really solid horror survival game. I could see a lot of potential in this category - especially in regards to immersion.
Sure there’s plenty of genres that will thrive in VR but this will be some next level shit (for lack of a better term)


Horror and Adult :P


Maxxxx!!! “Gasps”

The PSVR is certainly awesome but if you have a decent PC you can still play 5 of the 7 games up here with an oculus rift or an htc vive. I hear that the microsoft mixed reality headsets can also play a lot of the steam library and they have just dropped in price to the low to mid $200 price range...


Hello Read, nice to see you in another one of my articles, this time on a different place though :D
The next generation of VR will be baddass!
Mark my words!


I actually didn't know it was yours. I got some cool blogs too ya know...! I need to do a better job on promotion. But yeah, I just finished that new primordian game that came out friday on steam, it was awesome. It gets a little repetitive but I think it's a step in the right direction for vr.


Never tried it! How does it compare with others in this list bro?


In my opinion the other games were made when vr just came out so they're less detailed (with the exception of skyrim which is a step up from using vorpx). If you like sci-fi fantasy you'll love this one
I've probably played most of the games out there so I can pretty much tell you whatever you want to know.


I am planning on getting Skyrim VR. But I don't like the teleporting mechanism and planing on using the controller. Do you think it is worth it? I have high hopes for it... is it immersive?


What headsets do you have just psvr? If your pc is decent I think you can use emulation to play oculus and vive games. Or, the new windows headsets are in the low $200 usd. For skyrim, it's an old game dude. It's the exact same game only with motion controller support. Just like fallout 4. If you have the game already for pc you can use a program called vorpx to play it with your headset without buying it again.


I just have PSVR.

Hmm.. will look into it.

I am yet to have any Virtual Reality experience but I can tell it's going to be very huge not only in the gamins industry but in various other industries as well

Cool !!

Thank you for the article but the playstation VR it's expensible doesn't it?


It's not that expensive... it's $200 or so, at least where I live.

Does anyone think that these VR games will mess up people's eye sight?

Oh, I've never realized that there's a VR version of Skyrim! I spent so much time on that game. Now I'm considering to get VR equipment just for this game alone. It is probably 10 times more interesting and fun to play this way!


I have it! It rocks!
Tired of a day of work? Open a beer, put on your helmet, go to the tavern and sit down. Pay the bard, relax and drink.

I feel like this is specifically targeted towards me because i am getting an htc vive soon and i cant wait!


Enjoy it! It's gonna be awesome!

I wish I could play GTA5 on VR <3


See you on the newspaper after you punch everybody in your home with a Wood while playing gta ;)


There's a GTAV mission done to VR, you can play that mission, other than that you can't and it sucks!

But hey, you can play Skyrim.

Even with graphics, it's enough to scour the place. no game can be perfect, but according to personal belief, these are the closest to perfection right now. @adsactly


I think so as well! Thank you for the comment.

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Increíble! Necesito probar eso...


Nice Article But Don't Forget (UNTIL DAWN) The origin Of Terror On PS4

Virtual reality and ps fan. but Ps and VR do not have eyes. I'm saving money. I can hope. It really feels great. I tried once. (I know that) Thanks for sharing this beautiful. My favor is Valkyrie.


Yes, Valkyrie looks great in VR man!

virtual reality is becoming more than an alternative reality, the time will come when much of the world population will only be inside a virtual world fed by a tube to not leave these capsules which gives them pleasure as they move away from the actually avoiding it in a somewhat easy way for some .. good article, upvote <3

who can put me through on this page please

Skyrim is the best will checkout others @adsactly


You do well Wacky.

Its crazy to see how gaming has evolved to basically create a more real life experience for the gamer.

thanks your post!

Sadly I got the oculus which I realy like to play space pirate simulator

No call of duty ?


Nice post... how about GRAND THEFT

Holy cow that looks so epic. The possibilities with VR seem limitless.

"EVE: Valkyrie" This is my favorite game. I really want to play this, but the price is a bit expensive. I will wait for a discount. thank you for sharing. @adsactly

Statik is good stuff. Why didn't you include accounting though, made by Justin roiland the voice of Rick and Morty..

So much games, so many things to do, wish I had more time to explore and discover...

What about marvel contest of champions! I would love it on vr

Good post, i love PlayStation. Following you.

Remembered when I was a kid

According to personal belief, games are the closest to perfection now and its crazy to see how it has evolved to basically create a more real life experience for the gamer.
Amazing post, just followed and resteemed, Follow me back and upvote my posts as well. Hope we can be good friends.

Each of your posts is always classy and provide benefits for the crowd ,, I was inspired with you

really nice...
thanks for sharing
gaming post....

How to chess this game....I can try this but I am not summit the height point..please you can help me....

I really want to get a PSVR but i simply can't affort it yet lol.

The game that I want to most right now is Skyrim! OMG i want to just dive in and never comeback.

I am not sure if ill but this version of PSVR, mostly likely I will wait for PS5 and its VR headset.

I am also really looking very closely at Dreams... it will support PSVR in the future

I've wanted to like VR, but every time I try it I just end up getting dizzy. It just feels like I'm looking at a phone screen that is right in front of my face. They'll probably get better as time goes on though.

Wow very nice post dear

I dont know what to comment ...

I fail to focus on the upvote you get ...

amazing ...

this is the post, I can not see his story for the first time, you have a talent for real posts for us, thank you very much. I'm your fan.
but at the expense of virtual reality, it's such adrenaline, if you just tried it, I always want to support you and would like to buy such a headset, please tell me where you can find a friend

perfect games. nice post. thank you.

Nice article! I wish I could try Skyrim VR but I have the Rift :(

Very cool

VR everything is a bold new market that can add new value to many exiting platforms and markets. I like that you have done this research for all of us. Thank you.

i played Skyrim VR. it is totally different when compared to PC version. I like PSVR. I hope PS can generate more games in VR.

Thanks. it is good post!

When I finally get a PlayStation I'll get some these. I love action and adventure games but soccer is still my favourite one.

Actually I have not had many opportunities to experience virtual realities, but I love the graphic part, how they carry ideas and make them an excellent games.
En realidad no he tenido muchas oportunidades de experimentar las realidades virtuales, pero amo la parte gráfica, el como llevan las ideas y las convierten en un excelente juego .

Batman VR! Although it's very short, i recommend it. Still lot's of fun and graphics are strong

Im crazy about VR man what will gaming look like in 25 years hope to see that day... RESTEEMED & UPVOTED IMG_5312.PNG


Thank you very much.


No problem my friend..

Kind regards

nice post

I have a puzzle, what wonderful things happen when virtual reality and reality merge together? Now there seems to be a chance for me to know, thank you.

Wow... This VR is so amazing. The graphics is so cool and looks real. This is one thing I'd like to try out sometime.
But can u move around with it? Is it portable?

Its so amazing this information. unnamed.png

Thank you very much for your valuable post sharing.....
awesome your technology dear... and i like this game.
carry on your creativity .....resteemet done

Totally agree with Arizona sunshine, amazing game!!

I played the virtual reality ones had an awesome experience. Would try out these games on it especially EVE: Valkyrie – VR Space Simulation Game. Aside the fact am a fan of space games, kind of read the gameplay it looks interesting

I'd go for Eve : Valkyrie ..... The graphics is superb

Coool! Virtual reality is the future!

Looking forward to see how the VR plays out in the next 10 years!

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Love to play the games on virtual reality

Very good write

I have not experience using the VR before, is unfortunate that is not common here.

Is unfortunate is not really aveilable here, will love to experience some

What a awesome games. I will try and get one of it. Following you right away sir

Most definitely gonna try skyrim out!

Ive been considering getting one for some time now but would rather wait for more games to be made; also feels like its a bit antisocial if your friends come over, not sure how multiplayer games work or if online games are even an option yet..

  ·  2년 전

uf friend for these games to reach my country will have to knock this government first and wait a few years for things to get better and see how the import begins to work here, while touching them look for your post jejejee

Skyrim VR looks a good game, GT also is a good game, but it should be better to have integrated a car seat with the movements of the car. I think VR still in development but in a close future it will feel like real. :)

I have never used VR, but I searched the trailer of Valkyrie and it looks amazing.
Probably you just made me buy this game as soon as I get my VR!

I will try this games. Im a game lover.

i am big fan of vr .. and i will try that actully cant wait to try that

fake news (trump voice)

thanks @ adsatly for keeping us posted,im goona check these games out for myself,

The most welcome Space Simulation Game :)

Hi, you tell us we should try but never explain how it is going to benefit my life? what logic is there? another time suck gimmick? educate me. Thanks

Really like the way you explained the games here, while it was stated how gameplay pictures could have improved the experience, I enjoyed the read. Keep up the good work. Cheers

thats really amazing

I am ready to live in the world of RP1 and Snowcrash

debating if i want a psvr or a nintendo switch ....

Very good post I am a lover of video games and I know that one of my favorite titles I can enjoy in VRdownload.jpg

And here is my Top 5 VR Games for the HTC VIVE:

  1. Fallout 4 VR
  2. Pavlov
  3. Raw Data
  4. Tales of Glory
  5. Arizona Sunshine

I have never played a game in VR yet and it does sound amazing. Im planning on buying the new xbox but not yet checked the VR options. Been a Star Wars fan myself that EVE Valkyrie sounds like I would lose a few hours. Could anyone here give advice on how you would screen record a xbox one game as i have a friends who is a gamer maniac I have introduced to steemit and game reviews is something he would love to do as well as linking up with loads of gamers

VR is amazing, alternate reality the future is bright!